European Bodypainting Festival

European Bodypainting Festival

Imagine an artist painting a canvans. Then imagine the artist to ask the canvas to sing, dance or scream. Welcome to the colourful world of bodypainting.

Imagine a beautiful castle in the center of an enchanted park, surrounded by florals and trees creating romantic pathways bursting with a magical atmosphere of color. A summer fairy tale comes to life filled with many creative people. “A meeting point of flowing creativity”. Not often do you have the opportunity to be so close to an artist and look over their shoulder as they create their magic. Many different artist’s from around Europe and other countries will unite and showcase their talents to the public as they paint and decorate their living canvases in specially prepared tents along the pathways surrounding the Castle Keukenhof followed by a spectacular presentation and stage show to the public.

A new World Award Category at the World Bodypainting Festival 2020

ARTISTS! get ready for the next level.
The World Bodypainting Festival 2020 presents you a brand new concept.
It's the NEW WORLD AWARD category.
Supported by bodypainting illusionist and WBF Ambassador Johannes Stötter
The FIRST & ONLY competition in "CAMOUFLAGE Bodypainting"
sponsored by Base Formula

Registrations for that category are open by tomorrow!

The Fashion Show highlight by Liutauras Salasevicius from the last World Bodypainting Festival.
Our team from WB Production is already very busy creating the details for the 23rd edition - World Bodypainting Festival 2020

Fashion Show Performance Call is open for 2020 #fashionshow #wbfestival2020

Some stunning images from the last years WBF Fashion Show by Liutauras Salasevicius captured by Tobias Spranger
Interested in showing your collection on the runway of the World Bodypainting Festival 2020?
Please contact us!

World Award 2019, Category Brush/Sponge

The top 3 places with the new World Champion in the category Brush/Sponge presented by KRYOLAN:
1st place: Tera Bakker (Netherlands)
2nd place: Francesca Cavicchio (Italy)
3rd place: Silke Kirchhoff (Germany)

Follow the World Bodypainting Festival for the next categories to be published.

World Bodypainting Festival

Thanks for watching one of our clip 175k times. #wbfestival2019

Highlights from the first main day of the World Bodypainting Festival 2019 presented by Kryolan in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee.

After Movie #wbfestival2019

★ 🇬🇧 Just a few days after the 22nd edition of the World Bodypainting Festival has ended, we are very happy to present you the official After Movie 2019.
Enjoy the beats and colours of the #wbfestival2019, a celebration of visual culture and music in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, AUSTRIA.
Once again big thank you from the @WB Production team!
Turn up the volume & enjoy! 🤟

★ 🇦🇹 Nur noch wenige Tage nach der 22 Ausgabe des World Bodypainting Festival freuen wir uns sehr, den offiziellen Rückblick 2019 zu zeigen.
Geniese die Beats und die Farben des #wbfestival2019, einer Erlebniswelt der Kunst und Musik in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee.

Und nocheinmal ein herzliches und aufrichtiges DANKE WB Production team an alle, die dieses Festival unvergesslich gemacht haben.
So, Musikpegel aufdrehen und den Rückblick 2019 genießen 🤟

[06/29/19]   Not long to the World Bodypainting Festival 2019 in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee / AUSTRIA. Celebrate with us Visual Culture & Music from 7 - 13 July 2019. The main days are from 11 - 13 July, side events such as the Body Circus 2019 - the surreal ball, the World Bodypainting Academy and exhibitions are from 7 - 10 July. for the program please visit

Attention Artists:
Artist registrations are closed, please make sure you get our last newsletters with very important information.

Attention Models:
We still have artists to look for models, if you still look for an artist, please make sure you communicate in our model group. registrations are nesseserry ahead via

Attention Photographers:
Until the models are ready painted for the photo shooting, we have on site interesting programs to visit within the Bodypaint City. There are free mini workshops with various workshop instructors. Program and showguide give you details.

Attention Visitors:
Hope you have your tickets checked, the pre sale will be ending in a few days. we have a massive program prepared for you and our artists and models, musicans and fashion designers, acrobats and dancers are looking forward to perform for you.

See you soon in the Tourismusregion Klagenfurt am Wörthersee!

Main Award Sponsor: Kryolan
Co Award Sponsors: Snazaroo | Kodi Professional | ColorMake | Asia Colors | Pro Makeup Stage | Purple Brush Allure

A WB Production Event

Artist Alex Hansen & Giusy Campolungo at Ukrainian Bodypainting Award

WB Production

The next international WBA sanctioned contest took place on the 25th Mai 2019 within the Viridiland Beauty Art Festival in Kiev / Ukraine.

Full Photo Album:

The WBA Contest in Kiev just started. Outstanding location and talents! #wbakiev


We are happy to announce another participant of the UBA 2019 - Aleksandra Bublienko from Ukraine she will be part of the competition for the first time! 👏🏼
#viridiland #wbakiev
📍 We also would like to remind you that citizens of the EU countries 🇪🇺 do NOT need any visa for entering Ukraine 🇺🇦 only flights and hotel are required! Please hurry up with your decisions - ONLY 3 places left!

World Bodypainting Festival 2019 - Come & Celebrate with us

World Bodypainting Festival 2019 - Celebrating Visual Culture & Music in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee / Austria from 7 - 13 Jul. 2019
Artists from 40+ countries, international music bands and dj's on 3 stages and a world of art and entertainment is waiting for you!

Please read below!

Attention, FAKE Advertisements on casting platforms, PLEASE READ and share to your model friends!

Dear Models, it came to our attention, that a person called Hannah from Life Model Selection is putting out casting calls in our name calls for various bodypainting events. Please do not follow such calls, neither the World Bodypainting Festival nor our organization would ever put out such castings. Also read carefully what you apply for, if it sounds a bit strange, keep your fingers away!

Please feel free to contact us for any notes or questions, we are happy to be here for you to clear!

Here is a great article from with tips to avoiding casting scams:

The Ukrainian Bodypainting Award 2019 takes place in 2 months and we are looking forward to have a great international crowd in Kiev!
Very happy to welcome for example Nicole Asprandakis from Greece to the competition. Register now for the last places and explore with us a new city that is now annualy hosting a bodypainting and beauty event. Join us and if you have any questions, contact us!

World Bodypainting Festival

BOOOM, Turn up the Volume!

Turn up the VOLUME & enjoy the powerful trailer of the 22nd World Bodypainting Festival 2019 Celebrating Visual Culture & Music from 7 - 13 July 2019 in Klagenfurt / AUSTRIA

The World Bodypainting Festival the world's most colourful event with the World Championships, shows, music, fashion, workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions, photo areas and much more. Since 1998 we have created the first and largest bodypainting event in the world. In this time the WBF founded the modern bodypainting art movement and is a HOME for artists from all around the world.

Main Award Sponsor: Kryolan
Co Award Sponsors: Snazaroo | Kodi Professional | ColorMake | Asia Colors | Pro Makeup Stage | Purple Brush Allure

A WB Production Event
Video Cut by WB-Production Partner mediapool Austria

European Bodypainting Festival

The next European Bodypainting Festival will take place in Kiev 2020. Already in the upcoming year there is the official pre-event, the Ukrainian Bodypainting Award 2019 which will take place within the Viridiland Beauty Art Festival
One of the jury members will be Andrea Benocci the special effects winner from the last World Bodypainting Festival!

World Bodypainting Festival

Next Step for artists at the WBF is ready!

The Full Artist Information for the World Bodypainting Festival 2019 is now available in ENGLISH / GERMAN / ITALIAN / FRENCH / RUSSIAN / SPANISH

The 12 different categories at the #wbfestival2019 are presented by Kryolan / Snazaroo / Kodi Professional / Colormake / Asia Colors / Pro Makeup Stage and Purple Brush Allure !

WB Academy Lineup published

★★ First Draft Line up for the WB Academy program at the World Bodypainting Festival 2019★★
Until 30th November you can get the 4 days academy pass with SUPER EARLY BIRD discounts!

WB-Academy Instructors 2019: (so far)
with Andrea Benocci MMUA, Bella Volen, Erasmo Daaz, Ernst Wieser, Filippo Ioco, Fredi Schmid, Gert Leeftink, Gesine Marwedel, Geneviève Jinny Houle, Johannes Stoetter Art, Karen Yiu, Leon Sokoletski, Madelyn Greco, Marzia Madhu Bedeschi, Matilda Inozemtseva, Melanie Hill, Mike Shane, Monique Lily, Senjo Color Peter, Riina Laine, Peter Tronser, Petra Tronser, Sanatan Dinda, Scott Fray, Udo Schurr, Wolf Wolfgang Reicherter, Yasmina Jacinto, Julya Vlasova, Youchin Chou, Yvonne Zonnenberg - YC ART, Einat Dan Make-up artist, Elise Ducrot, Jabe, Phyllis Cohen

World Bodypainting Festival

World Bodypainting Festival 2019 Artist Booklet is ready to be downloaded

🇬🇧 We have especially for artists a brochure published. This WBF Booklet 2019 includes general information as well as all competition categories for the World Bodypainting Festival 2019. Please note, these are not the guidelines or a replacement to reading the full artist information ;)

🇩🇪 Speziell für Künstler gibt es eine gedruckte Broschüre, das WBF Booklet 2019 welches allgemeine Informationen zur Festivalwoche beinhaltet, aber auch einen guten Überblick sämtlicher Wettbewerbskategorien zeigt am @wWorld Bodypainting Festival 2019. Achtung, das ist nicht das Regelwerk und ersetzt auch nicht das Durchlesen der Künstlerinformation ;)

🇷🇺 Специально для художников мы подготовили WBF Буклет 2019 где собрана общая информация и категории для соревнований на фестивале World Bodypainting Festival 2019. Обратите внимание, что это не правила для художников, а лишь короткое описание всех категорий ;)

World Bodypainting Festival

Highlight by HD Fashion TV

Highlights by from the World Bodypainting Festival brought to you by KODI PROFESSIONAL - Save the Date for next year and join the World Bodypainting Festival 2019 in Klagenfurt / AUSTRIA.

Great shot by Ionut Olaru at the World Bodypainting Festival 2018.
the next WBA event is coming up in Kiev this weekend!
Ukrainian Bodypainting Award 4. August

Ukrainian Bodypainting Award

We are preparing for the next event in Kiev next week. The very artistic and urban factory venue Art Plattform is going to be the first location for the international Bodypainting event in Kiev!
Please follow us at:

Ukrainian Bodypainting Award организован под эгидой Всемирной Бодиарт Ассоциации.
Категория Открытая

World Bodypainting Festival


★★ The World Bodypainting Festival 2018 from the view of the photographer Dmitri Moisseev How was your experience? Tell us, maybe we deserve a 5-star rating, we would very appreciate it ;)
★★ Das #wbfestival2018 aus der Sicht des Fotografen Dmitri Moisseev. Wie war Deine Erfahrung am Festival?

World Bodypainting Festival

Turn up the volume and see you at the World Bodypainting Festival

Klagenfurt am Wörthersee erwartet dich zum World Bodypainting Festival 2018 - das Internationale Kunst- & Musikfestival im Süden.
Get ready for the World Bodypainting Festival and celebrate with us visual culture & music from 8 - 14 July 2018 in Klagenfurt / AUSTRIA. #wbfestival2018

Our Social Wall for the World Bodypainting Festival 2018 is now online. Use the hashtag #wbfestival2018 for your posts during the WBF in Austria!

Photo Christoph Kaltseis, Artist Lora Tulchinski World Bodypainting Festival 2018

World Bodypainting Festival

The category WBF Makeup Battle at the World Bodypainting Festival is now full! Welcome #mua Andrea Milanovic Milanovic from Serbia in this and in the Bodypainting Special Effects Category. The #wbfestival2018 is approaching soon, deadline for all registrations is June 12!

World Bodypainting Festival

SHARE & WIN 2 Festival Tickets! It's going to be EPIC! World Bodypainting Festival 2018 in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee 12 - 14 Jul. 2018. World Championships & Music, Art & Shows. Culcha Candela, Camo & Crooked, MIA, LEMO, MÖWE, Django3000.... #wbfestival2018

World Bodypainting Festival

We are expecting the NEW World Award Trophies next week! Therefore we are ready for the last award we haven't give out yet. For this "Bodypainting Model of the Year Award," we want to involve our fans & followers.
Please, here are the official nominees from last year. Vote by liking, share with your friends and in 2 weeks we will announce the Bodypainting Model of the Year and hand over the new trophy at the World Bodypainting Festival 2018
The Nominees are:
Alina Korn | Christopher Olwage | Anjelica Losk

These are just a few photos of hundreds that were sent to us.

World Bodypainting Festival

World Bodypainting Festival 2018 - Celebrating Visual Culture & Music
Main Days 12 - 14 July 2018 in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee / AUSTRIA
Tickets € 21

Photo by Mark de Groot

World Bodypainting Festival

The World Bodypainting Festival is a stage for exceptional performances and shows of various arts.
The fashion show "UnderWEARable Art" by Lora Tulchinski (Israel) and Anna Barendregt (Creative Show Director) were performed in on the main stage in Bodypaint City. And the good news, a NEW show is back in 2018! #wbfestival2018
See the full show here:
Das World Bodypainting Festival ist Bühne für außergewöhnliche Vorstellungen und Shows verschiedenster Künste. Die Fashion Show "UnderWEARable Art" wurden auf der Hauptbühne in Bodypaint City gezeigt. Und die gute Nachricht, Lora ist mit ihrem neuen Programm am World Bodypainting Festival 2018 wieder dabei!

World Bodypainting Festival

🇬🇧 Today we got our magazine delivered, every participant from last year will get a free copy sent via mail. We especially asked sometime ago to verify your post address, expect your copy in the next few weeks! The WBF Mag contains an extended review, the best images and an exciting preview on the program 2018. You can order your copy of via our online shop.

🇩🇪 Wir freuen uns ganz besonders heute das frisch gedruckte WBF Magazin in den Händen halten zu können. Jeder Teilnehmer vom letzten Jahr bekommt ein Gratisexemplar demnächst per Post zugesandt. Vorausgesetzt die Adresse wurde nach unserer Abfrage verifiziert. Das Magazin beinhaltet einen kompletten Rückblick, die besten Fotos und einen interessanten Ausblick auf das Programm 2018! Das Magazin kann auch über unseren Onlineshop bestellt werden

#wbfestival2018 #wbf20years #worldbodypainting #artmagazine

Workshop programs are ready for the World Bodypainting Festival 2018

See Make-up Artist Matilda Inozemtseva again at the World Bodypainting Festival as a Workshop Instructor and Make-up Judge.
What an amazing work and image, which was shot with a professional ring light. 👀 If you want to get great results without big studio lights, the WBpro Ring Light is the perfect gear. We have it in our online store - even in PINK 😍

World Bodypainting Festival

Save the date for the World Bodypainting Festival 2018
🤩 12 - 14 July in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee (pre program from 8 July)

🇦🇹 Willkommen im neuen Jahr! Merke dir den Termin vor, das #wbfestival2018 findet vom 12. - 14. Juli in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee statt. (Side Events ab 8. Juli)

World Bodypainting Festival

Merry Christmas !

All details about the workshops before the main days of the World Bodypainting Festival 2018 are published!
Happy holidays everybody! Here is an additional 10% to the already discounted WB-Academy Pass & individual workshop bookings with the voucher code "thankyou2017", no rush its valid until Jan. 8th

🇦🇹 Alle Details zu den Workshops vor den Haupttagen des #wbfestival2018 sind nun veröffentlicht!
Frohe Weihnachten! Hier gibts noch mal zusätzliche 10% zum bereits vergünstigen Vorverkaufspreis zum WB-Academy Pass aber auch individuellen Buchungen, einfach Voucher code "thankyou2017" über den WB Online Shop benutzen. Kein Stress, der Rabatt gilt bis zum 8. Jänner. GUTEN RUTSCH!

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