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Photos from Everything but Lola's post 12/03/2022

Yes, more stuff arrived that you don’t really need, but that does make your home a bit funkier 😜

Photos from Everything but Lola's post 07/03/2022

Cool cabinets for sale 😁!


Pretty hand made baskets from Ghana arrived again 🤩

Photos from Everything but Lola's post 24/01/2022

We think every house needs at least one piece of original art 😍. Selection of our art collection for sale at the moment by artists Sandra Keja Planken, Erik Neimeijer, Harry de Winter, Ron Moret, Ralph de Jongh, Jozee Tjoa, Marianne Brooks. Shop/gallery is open when front door is open 😁!


Happy new year everybody! ❤️

Photos from Everything but Lola's post 27/12/2021

So a couple of months ago this petite, blond cloud of positive energy came walking (although it was more like dancing) into the shop. She introduced herself as Sandra (@studionoun_sandra_keja_planken) and was really enthousiast about everything she saw. After we got to know her just a little bit better during a coffee we promised to keep in touch. Living on an island for so long it is a bit hard to keep up with all the latest art news, so I googled her and found out she was all over the place: fancy magazines from Japan to China to LA to Europe have been writing about her! While we were in Paris to go shopping for Everything But Lola last September she had an exhibition in Milan at the same time, so we couldn’t meet in person. She sent us a message if we were interested in having some of her Happy Huggable Rug Series work in our gallery. It made us laugh a bit because OF COURSE we are more then interested! This week the positive cloud of energy is back on our fantastic island with two Happy Huggable Rugs and we love them! This ‘Yellow Untitled’ designed by Sandra Keja Planken aims to brighten interiors ‘like the morning sun’ and it really does! For more info about this unique, bespoke and limited-edition sustainable wall hanging, come and visit us and see for yourself or send us a message if not on the island at the moment.

Photos from Everything but Lola's post 18/12/2021

Shop is open 😁!

Photos from Everything but Lola's post 24/11/2021

New arrivals 🤩!

Photos from Everything but Lola's post 15/10/2021

Shop is open when front door is open 😁!


We are back and there are lots of new arrivals! Feel welcome to have a look.

Photos from Everything but Lola's post 18/09/2021

Everything But Lola is on the road again: shopping and getting inspired!


Raining cats and dogs on Bonaire! Time to come shopping at Everything But Lola 😁


Shop is open 😁.

Photos from Everything but Lola's post 05/08/2021

New arrivals at the Everything But Lola!

Madua (Generashon pa Generashon) - Rítmiko Timon Ft. Boeis Thomas & Benoni Balentin 13/07/2021

Madua (Generashon pa Generashon) - Rítmiko Timon Ft. Boeis Thomas & Benoni Balentin


Madua (Generashon pa Generashon) - Rítmiko Timon Ft. Boeis Thomas & Benoni Balentin Madua, un kansion eksistente ku nos di Rítmiko Timon a kue i kambia hinka den nos mes bachi. Akompañá pa Phelomeno ‘Boeis’ Thomas iRubertico Benoni Balentin....

Photos from Everything but Lola's post 27/04/2021

New arrivals at Everything But Lola!


Cool new @roolfliving bean bags in that are screaming for the beach or a cool swimming pool! 😎

Photos from Everything but Lola's post 03/04/2021

Cute new arrivals 😁


Dear Lola friends, extremely sad news: yesterday we had to say goodbye to our Big Friend and family member Lola.

The last couple of months he was loosing weight and energy, yesterday we heard he had a mean tumor in his belly.

Lola was the coolest, strongest, funniest, sweetest, most handsome, loyal hairy friend we could wish for. We will miss him incredibly.

Everything But Lola will keep it’s name because Lola’s spirit is still not for sale! ❤️

Photos from Everything but Lola's post 13/03/2021

It was love at first sight when a couple of years ago we saw Ron Moret’s work in a magazine. A huge shark hung on the ceiling of a beautiful Amsterdam canal house. We were just building Everything But Lola and thought it would be an amazing piece of art for our own house, but it was a bit out of our league.

A couple of months ago, on a Sunday afternoon, a couple came into our shop. They just came back from visiting @casamantana . The owners Ton and Mariët had told them to also visit us. Cool couple and while chitchatting he told us a bit about his work in Holland. I started to realize he could be Ron Moret. It’s funny because on Bonaire quite often you meet famous or a bit less famous people, but this time my reaction to hearing who he was, was like an old groupie. To make an already long story short: Ron Moret was so sweet to send the coolest mantay ray for Casa Mantana and he send us 5 pieces of art for the shop. We have Ron Moret in tha house!! When everything is ‘back to normal’ come and have a look.


Harry de Winter’s exhibition came to an end and was a succes! The artists profit will go to the fantastic initiative Fundashon Prevenshon led by professor Pinedo and director mrs. Louise Elstak (in picture). Their mission is to establish and maintain a center for primary prevention through screening, early diagnosis and detection of disease in our community. We would like to thank Harry de Winter and all the sweet buyers, and Fundashon Prevenshon: keep up the good work! ❤️

Photos from Everything but Lola's post 27/02/2021

Harry de Winter’s exhibition runs until March 6, feel welcome and come and have a look!


Come and have a look at Harry de Winter’s art work at Everything But Lola. 📷: @fish_eye_photo_bonaire

Photos from Everything but Lola's post 19/02/2021

New arrivals at Everything But Lola 😁


Getting ready for exhibition of @harrydewinter which will be opened this Saturday from 5 till 7PM and will run until March 6. Shop will be open as usual: when front door is open 😁.

Photos from Everything but Lola's post 25/01/2021

Receiving pictures of happy customers makes my day ❤️!

Photos from Everything but Lola's post 22/01/2021

Lot’s of new arrivals!


Shop is packed with new arrivals 🤩! Shop is open when front door is open.


Relaxing, chilling and waiting a bit impatiently for new arrivals to be cleared by customs next week 😊


Bon pasku ❤️

Photos from Everything but Lola's post 20/12/2020

And Wanda Bommer’s book ‘De Ark’ is officially on the island since yesterday 😁. Thank you Henny Huisman and JB Meijers for the laughs and music!


Ready for book presentation of @wandabommer 😁. If you love books like we do, feel welcome at 5 PM at Everything But Lola.


Everything But Lola, an a bit different interior shop on the beautiful Caribbean island Bonaire!

Photos from Everything but Lola's post 02/12/2020

More new arrivals: vintage Turkish carpets, mirrors, cabinets and more. Shop is open when front door is open 😀!

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