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28 Incredible Things to Do in Vanadzor (and Nearby!)

Another useful guide by Absolute Armenia on what Armenia’s third-largest city Vanadzor has to offer. Discover some of the best things to do there.

#discoverArmenia This post showcases the best things to do in Vanadzor, Armenia's third-largest city and the center of Lori. You will also find awesome sights near Vanadzor.

nvard yerkanian illustrates famous soviet modernist architecture in armenia

From 1920 to 1991, Armenia was part of the Soviet Union, resulting in a place where industrialization thrived and soviet modernist architecture ruled. Armenian independent graphic designer and illustrator presents the rich architectural heritage, a series of minimal and subtly colorful illustrations.

Getting to know ... Kond

Texte en français ⤵️

You have been recently promised a detailed article about Kond, the oldest remaining quarter in Yerevan.

🆕 Getting to know... Kond

You will find so many fascinating facts about this mysterious and historically dense quarter, so much that you will want to visit Kond yourself after reading this.

🆕Une promenade à travers ... Kond

Cet endroit est mystérieux, unique et charmant ...
Il est étonnant de constater que le tissu urbain actuel de Kond est resté le même pendant des siècles et que les rues ont intactement conservé le même tracé du XVIIe siècle. Cela conduit à des vestiges architecturaux et des joyaux historiques exceptionnels que vous trouverez ici et là en vous promenant dans les rues étroites du quartier 👇

🖊 Read our new blog post by Grace Jerejian

#dreamArmenia #TravelTomorrow It is astonishing to realize that the current urban fabric of Kond has remained the same for centuries and that the streets had preserved the same layout from the 17th century.


Для русского языка ⬇️

With more than 10,000 caves throughout the country, Armenia lures and can challenge the subterranean explorer. Caves are located in every region of the country, but the most impressive ones are in the south.

Twelve of the caves are on the list of the natural monuments of Armenia and include karst caverns, cave springs, and lava tunnels.

Armenian Speleo Team AST offers caving activities with 9 different levels of difficulty. Therefore no matter the experience or lack thereof, it is easily possible to go on a caving adventure, if the person has no health conditions.


Имея более 10 000 пещер по всей стране, Армения завлекает и может бросить вызов подземному исследователю. Пещеры расположены в каждом регионе страны, но самые впечатляющие находятся на юге.

Двенадцать из этих пещер являются природными памятниками Армении и включают карстовые пещеры, пещерные источники и лавовые туннели.

Армянская команда спелеологов (Armenian Speleo Team) предлагает экскурсии в пещеры с 9 различными уровнями сложности.Независимо от опыта или его отсутствия, можно легко отправиться в пещерное приключение, если у человека нет проблем со здоровьем.

Подробнее With more than 10,000 caves throughout the country, Armenia lures and can challenge the subterranean explorer. Caves are located in every region of the country, but the most impressive ones are in the south.

Sevana Tchakerian

An Armenian folk song beautifully performed by talented young artist Sevana Tchakerian Enjoy🎶🎧

Hi everyone!

Here is "Vichaki Yerg", an Armenian folk tune usually sung by young girls and women during Ascension Day (Hampartsoum), presented to you by me and my secret twin 😅

Hope you enjoy it! 😘

Բարեւ բոլորիդ,

Ես ու իմ գաղտնի երկորեակը ձեզ ներկայացնում ենք "Վիճակի երգ"-ից մի տարբերակ, որը Համբարձման երգ է: 😅

Յոյսով եմ վայելէք 😘

📍This is Kananker. Once a a small town in Kotayk province, today it is part of Kanaker-Zeytun district to the north-east of the capital Yerevan, approximately a twenty-minute ride from the center (Kentron).

Kanaker is at the same time mysterious, culturally rich and filled with bright heritage and historical values but also much distruction.

During the massive earthquake in 1679, the village was completely wiped down, but has managed to stand back on its feet.

✒The town was the birthplace of Khachatur Abovyan, the prominent writer, enlightener, pedagogue, founder of modern Armenian literature and literary language. He is the founder of new Armenian democratic pedagogy. Being highly educated himself, he opposed medieval clerical scholastic formation and education system. Before entering Khacahatur Abovyan House- Museum, you will be able to visit his family house (18th c.) and even take a look at the cradle that belonged to him! The Museum where his works are exhibited, was constructed in 1978, right next to his ancestral home.
Being there and getting the chance to discover up close the world of such a great enlightener is fascinating to say the least!

⛪Kanaker is also home to two churches dating from the later part of the 17th Century, Saint Jacob and the Holy Mother of God Church situated on top of the hill. Both of these churches represent an outstanding architecture that was highly elaborate for that period. The outer facades and doors are intricately decorated and carved with meticulous and refined detail. Inside, on the columns and walls, colorful murals depicting saints are carefully preserved in the way they were created centuries ago. You can also find old khachkars (Armenian cross-stones, few dating to 13th c.) and tombstones in the surroundings of Kanaker.

It also played a key political role for the preseravtion of cultural identity under the Persian power during the period of 16th to 19th centuries.

To keep it brief, you wouldn't be able to experience the real uniqueness of Kanaker unless you are walking up and down the charming, narrow streets yourself. Each corner has a story to tell as if it holds a mysterious secret from the past.
✍️Stay tuned for a more in depth article about Kanaker on Armenia.Travel website.

Great review of Meghradzor in Kotayk province by travel bloggers Aram and Megan, who has shared their recent trip to inspire you to explore this magic place, 40 min drive from Yerevan 😉 Enjoy!

If you haven't been to Meghradzor yet, you need to put it on your Armenia travel list ASAP! What a stunning place!
Meghradzor has a lot to offer visitors and there is a lot more in the works (follow Adventure Park Meghradzor for updates!) We loved the street art with PATMI Cultural NGO and the gorgeous waterfall. And we are in admiration of the wood artwork from Vardan at Մեղրաձոր էթնո գաստրո տուն - Meghradzor Ethno Gastro House.
It won't be long before we make a return visit! Thanks so much to Saro and Hrachuhi for showing us the best of your home and why it is definitely an up-and-coming destination in Armenia.
We will have a guide to Meghradzor in the works soon. Have a great weekend!
Awesome Foundation Yerevan #discoverarmenia

🧗‍♀️ Rockclimbing in Noravank, Armenia looks like this! Thrilling, isn't it? 🎢 #dreamArmenia #traveltomorrow

©️📸 Up The Rocks

[05/21/20]   🚘 🚵 Looking for the next chance to have that much-needed adrenaline rush and get your heart pumping?

Spending an adventure-filled day in the beautiful Yeranos Nature might be just what you are looking for.

An exciting hiking experience in 4×4 cars will take you to the highest peak of Yeranos mountain followed afterward by a challenging session of mountain biking on rough terrain on your way back.

Oh, and don't get us started on the magnificent scenery you'll get to see! Peaks of Ararat, Aragats and the Azat reservoir and many more are all visible from there.

The perfect way to decompress, reenergize, and enjoy the magic of Nature and the thrill of extreme sports in Armenia 🇦🇲

SKY CLUB - Paragliding in Armenia

Located on the border between Gegharkunik and Tavush provinces, the Miapor mountain range hides a giant waterfall that takes your breath away. This wonder of nature falls from such a height that water looks like dust. The name, Tozlghan, speaks for itself!

Расположенная на границе между провинциями Гегаркуник и Тавуш, Миапорская горная цепь скрывает гигантский водопад, от которого аж дух захватывает. Это чудо природы падает с такой высоты, что вода выглядит как пыль. Имя Тозлган (дословный перевод - пыль падает) говорит само за себя!

📸 ©️ Davit Ayvazyan

Here is Kond of the 3 original quarters of Yerevan and the last remaining one!

Kond which was also called its equivalent Tepebashi because of the Muslim influence means "long hill".

A historical gem whose current layout dates back to the 17th century, Kond is unfortunately left unexplored by many locals and visitors.

Although located in the heart of the city right next to the trendiest spots of the Kentron (downtown), entering Kond is like stepping into a whole new dimension and travelling through time:
...narrow obscure passages leading to peculiar doors,

…chaotic constructions recently decorated with colorful street art,

…habitants known for their kindness and warmth who would be quick to invite you for a cup of coffee amidst the vibrant laughs of joyful kids running around,

...and remnants of historical Islamic architecture that dates back to the Persian cohabitation a few centuries ago.

Kond is all of this and more! ♥️

Describing this district is a challenge. Its disorder is charming, captivating and even overwhelming! One thing is sure… Kond would not leave you indifferent! 👌

✏ An in depth blog post about a day spent exploring the secrets and surprises of mysterious Kond is coming soon on stay tuned!

#DreamArmenia #TravelTomorrow

The sweet smell of spring, the warm sunshine makes you feel refreshed, and takes all your blues away. And it’s the perfect time to start planning your next trip
#dreamArmenia #TravelTomorrow

Ագրոտուրիզմը Տավուշում Agritourism in Armenia

#DreamArmenia #travelTomorrow
You can't get enough of Armenia's breathtaking views! Enjoy the view from the height of Ghuzani Qar in 360 degree in Chinchin town of Tavush region.

Насладитесь завораживающим видом с углом обзора в 360 градусов в поселке Чинчин в Тавушской области.

ARMENIA 4K | Temple of Garni, Geghard, Tatev Monastery, Khor Virap, Noravank, Sevanavank

#DreamArmenia #TravelTomorrow

Armenia from a bird's eye view, enjoy!

Армения с высоты птичьего полета, аж дух захватывает!

Спасибо Dmitry Ivanov ©️🎥

Красивые места и захватывающие виды Армении в 4k с дрона: ► древний монастырь Хор Вирап ► языческий храм Гарни ► "Симфония Камней" ► пещерный монастырь Гегар...

MATOSAVANK ARMENIA ( Hidden treasure in Dilijan forest )

This beautifully narrated video guide takes you to the 13th century small monastery, Matosavank, hidden in a forested area of Dilijan National Park in Tavush Province of Armenia.

#DreamArmenia #TravelTomorrow

🎥©️ Guin Dalera

Dilijan National Park is less than a 90 minute drive from downtown Yerevan and is just a short drive further from Yerevan than Sevan. The National Park is a ...

In his recent interview for Armenia.Travel Blog Michael He mentions Gyumri among 7 things he misses about Armenia 🔗

"Gyumri is the second-largest city in Armenia and a must-see! The city is well known for being the cultural capital of the country with its many museums, art galleries, and historical Armenian urban architecture.
But most of all, locals of Gyumri are one of the warmest, most kind-hearted and hospitable people I've met! Although I've noticed that hospitality is a characteristic trait to all Armenians, Gyumri has all-the-more proven this reputation to be true! Many were the times when people would invite me over for coffee, help me with a guided tour around their city or even for some dinner.
One of my favorite memories in Gyumri was to walk around the food market, look at all the different colored produce and specialties, and hear the busy market burst with life. You end up walking out of there full just because of all the free food samples that you've been offered by the kind vendors."

🇦🇲And what do you miss about Armenia? Share in the comments 👇

#DreamArmenia #TravelTomorrow

Photo credits: Arsen Mirzakhanyan
Արի Գյումրի / Come to Gyumri

Michael He: 7 Things He Misses About Armenia

And what do you miss most about Armenia? 😉

Having fallen in love with the country, Michael He has visited Armenia a few times since 2015, living in Yerevan for some time and traveling across the country while making captivating videos about the culture, food, unique destinations, and the hidden gems he had discovered.

#DreamArmenia #TravelTomorrow

🆕 A new blog post by Grace Jerejian Having fallen in love with the country Michael has since visited a few more times, living in Yerevan for some time and traveling across the country while making captivating videos about the culture, food, unique destinations, and the hidden gems he had discovered.

Virtual Live Tours demo

Watch Virtual Live Tour Demo by Albert Poghosyan on

This is a new and exciting feature that will help Tour Guides survive the 2020 travel crisis.

It takes 5 minutes to create 1 hour Virtual Tour with the existing 360 content available on 360Stories. Then you can share the URL to host a live event with up to 30 participants.

For more information about this new opportunity please contact 360Stories team.

Since it will be no travelers worldwide this year, we are building a live guided tour functional inside 360 content with AR storytelling. I believe it would ...

6 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Travel to Debed

Travel bloggers Megan and Aram have recently headed to Debed, in the province of Lori, to share with us the beauty of this rare gem.

#DreamArmenia #TravelTomorrow If you're seeking a natural getaway in one of Armenia's best villages, look no further than Debed. This is a guide of reasons to visit Debed in Lori province.

Live with Silvia Schmid: "111 reasons to love Armenia”

We are excited to host a special guest for our next #ArmeniaTalks FB live video series. Silvia Schmid will join us from Germany on May 7 at 9PM to share her story, her devotion for Armenia where she rediscovered an interest in blogging and writing. Her recent book "111 reasons to love Armenia” in German, is a unique expression of love to the most beautiful country in the world. An insightful journey of discovery for those who want to go off the beaten path. The book was released in November 2019!
Stay tuned!

Dream Armenia #TravelTomorrow

This too shall pass! ❤
No doubt you are already thinking about where to go once you can travel again!

Here is the reason why Armenia is the perfect destination for you! 🇦🇲

#DreamArmenia & start planning your trip!

It will be simply ... MAGICAL!

Armenia is calling for you...❤

Thank you Academy Films for cooperation!
Beautifully narrated by our own Grace Jerejian!

[04/30/20]   Join our #ArmeniaTalks FB Live with Michael He on May 2 at 8PM (GMT +4)

Michael He is Chinese American and works in technology. He first traveled to Armenia in 2015 as a student at Harvard University for an internship in Dilijan.

Michael loved his time so much that over the past 5 years, he has made many videos promoting Armenian culture, taken Armenian language classes, even started teaching it.
He also plans to revisit Armenia with his family, hopefully, in the near future. Meanwhile, he will share his Armenian experience, impressions, memories, and more…
Stay tuned! 😎

Armenian Jazz Association

Enjoy Garo and Diran Tavitjan's Live Performance on the International Jazz Day!

Garo Tavitjan & Diran Tavitjan...

#JazzDayAtHome #InternationalJazzDay

#JazzAtHome #InternationalJazzDay

Для русского ⤵️

Today is International Jazz Day!

🎷Want to watch some live jazz?

Armenian Jazz Association will be hosting live jazz music with the participation of:

Lusine Sargsyan
Karen Grigoryan trio
New Quintet
The Rafael Petrossian Trio
Vahagn Hayrapetyan trio
Armen Hyusnunts Quartet
Levon Malkhasyan

🎷🎺🎶 Stay tuned, we will bring Jazz into your homes today!


Сегодня Международный день джаза!

Армянская ассоциация джаза в онлайн-режиме будет транслировать джаз концерт с участием:

Лусине Саргсян
Карен Григорян трио
Новый Квинтет
Рафаэль Петросян трио
Ваагн Айрапетян трио
Квартет Армена Хюснунца
Левон Малхасян

🎷🎺🎶 Оставайтесь с нами, джаз мы вам организуем #сидядома!


Hey there! Please meet Michael He. He is Chinese American and works in technology. He first traveled to Armenia in 2015 as a student at Harvard University for an internship in Dilijan.
Michael loved his time so much that over the past 5 years, he has made many videos promoting Armenian culture, taken Armenian language classes, even started teaching it. He has supported nonprofits such as the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) and AGBU. He runs his own page Michael He where he posts everything he likes about Armenia and Armenians.

Now comes the good news! On May 2 at 8PM (GMT +4) we will host FB Live with Michael, as part of our brand new Armenia Talks Live series with people who have a lot to share with the world about Armenia, it's culture, people and hospitality. Stay tuned! 😎

#DreamArmenia #TravelTomorrow


Armenia is an open air museum, where you can walk through time and experience living history. It is a land of enchantment, with untouched awe-inspiring nature, and seven climate zones, each offering a different topography. Each city is a museum in and of itself, with ancient relics, old and new architecture, churches dating back thousands of years, and heritage and culture that fuse the past with the present. ​

Armenia – A modern country connecting East to West with an ancient history spanning across thousands of years. ​It is a land rich with cultural heritage and traditions that have evolved to fit the modern age and are still celebrated today. ​

Armenia has an astounding array of landscapes within its borders, including seven geographic zones, from deserts and semi-deserts to alpine and subalpine meadows. Armenia can kick up your adrenaline with steep routes and off-road riding along its valleys. It can also be a place of relaxation with mountain resorts and therapeutic for more.

​Once in the capital, Armenia becomes your favourite refreshment with a splash of vibrant nightlife, live music, art, cafes and jazz clubs that jam until dawn. In the streets you will find works of the best artists in the modern world – from massive sculptures in parks to the brilliant creations of contemporary painters, ceramists and jewelers at flea markets. ​​

Standing under arches and domes that inspired Leonardo da Vinci, church chants fill the air and echo a melody that calms the soul. The notes you hear being sung were also heard by Mesrop Mashtots, who in his inspiration created the Armenian alphabet. ​

Whether in gourmet restaurants or authentic rural homes, Armenian hospitality and its rich cuisine and bountiful harvest will always welcome you to the table. Lavash freshly baked in a fiery tonir will fill your belly, while the coffee brewed on hot sand will fill your heart. The country will also wrap you up in the vine of Areni Noir – a local grape variety first planted by Noah after the Biblical Flood. The spirit culture flows through Armenia from cozy wineries in Yerevan to the most ancient “wine factory” in a terroir cave of Vayots Dzor over 6100 years old. Let us not forget the cellars of the Cognac factory. Parting with its fragrant walls is more difficult than climbing Mount Ararat.

Armenia is all about interesting people and racy local humor. It is a country of unforgettable experiences with hospitable people that will always have you coming back.

Visit – the official tourism website of Armenia maintained by the Tourism Committee of the Ministry of Economy of RA.

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Live|Traveling Armenia & Beyond Post Covid-19
Live with Silvia Schmid: "111 reasons to love Armenia”
Dream Armenia #TravelTomorrow
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6,100 year old wine-making facility - Areni 1
The oldest best-preserved horse carriage




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