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VivaTour is one of the leading DMC’s in the Armenian tourism area. Established in 2013, VivaTour DMC’s business has built on providing high quality service, cost-efficiency, and effective time and travel management. The very large scope of services we deliver implemented to ease procedures related to inbound tourism and MICE. Our highly skilled team had managed to be in a position to maintain its’ superior level of service and cost savings thanks to the efforts of the quality personnel. Some of our products are uncommon for the Armenian tourist market such as authentic rural, idyllic, literary, intellectual and ecumenical- spiritual as well special thematic. In addition, we do not mean to ignore travelers who has distinct visible or invisible disabilities. Therefore, our team had managed some kind of tours to Armenia, appropriate to their travel needing. Employees of the Company are multi language; we speak your language! Please contact us if you are even contemplating the business goals in this region and we will be happy to discuss your needs. Our partners and customers’ full satisfaction coupled with our strong commitment is our best business card. Now, it is your turn to have that business card and fulfill your travel fantasies or business deals with VivaTour! Let us get to know each other!

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It’s enough to enough 😉
Take your luggage and jump to #Armenia with #VivaTourArmenia.

[01/12/21]   COVID-19 TRAVEL UPDATE IN ARMENIA (Updated on January 11th, 2021)

✅ Armenian government has lifted the ban on entry for foreign citizens. Foreigners can enter the country by air via Yerevan Zvartnots International Airport (EVN) or Gyumri Shirak CIS Airport (LWN) and through land borders.

✅ Foreigners arriving in Armenia, instead of a 14-day quarantine, need to have a negative COVID-19 PCR Test taken 72 hrs before arrival, or can take a COVID-19 PCR Test after the arrival at the airport and, if the result is negative, skip the 14-day isolation.

✅ The issuance of visas upon arrival at Zvartnots International Airport has been temporarily suspended. Citizens of those countries who need a visa to Armenia, must obtain it in advance at the diplomatic missions, or consulates of Armenia abroad, or electronically (e-visa).

✅ Wearing masks is mandatory in all public spaces, indoors and outdoors.

To obtain additional information, please contact VivaTour at [email protected]

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✅ Правительство Армении сняло запрет на въезд для иностранных граждан. Иностранцы могут въехать в страну воздушным путем через Ереванский международный аэропорт Звартноц (EVN) или аэропорт Гюмри Ширак СНГ (LWN) и через сухопутные границы.

✅ Иностранцам, прибывающим в Армению, вместо 14-дневного карантина необходимо сдать отрицательный результат ПЦР-теста на COVID-19 за 72 часа до прибытия, или они могут пройти ПЦР-тест на COVID-19 после прибытия в аэропорту и, если результат отрицательный, пропустить 14-дневную изоляцию.

✅ Временно приостановлена выдача виз по прибытии в международный аэропорт Звартноц. Граждане тех стран, которым необходима виза в Армению, должны получить ее заранее в дипломатических представительствах или консульствах Армении за рубежом, либо в электронном виде (электронная виза).

✅ Ношение масок обязательно во всех общественных местах, в помещении и на улице.

Для получения дополнительной информации, пожалуйста пишите нам по адресу [email protected]


Dear Friends and Partners,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at VivaTour Armenia🥂 20/09/2020

911: Lady Gaga’s new video inspired by Armenian filmmaker Parajanov’s Color of Pomegranates - Public Radio of Armenia

Do you like this kind of art and music or not so?
It’s really so very bright and unique as well because artists have been inspired by Armenian great artist and 🎥 maker Sergej Parajanov. So #VisitArmenia with #VivaTourArmenia and enjoy real colors of this exotic destination and rich art on the spot.
We are waiting for you 🥂
Now, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy #LadyGaga 👏 Lady Gaga has based her new video for Chromatica single "911" largely on Armenian filmmaker Sergei P



Watch this lovely video and learn Armenian delicious Gata making and enjoy Armenian wonderful music as well😍

Thank you IG Armenia for creating these unique videos :)

The filling is called Խորիզ / Khoriz which consists of flour, butter, sugar (and sometimes nuts). There are many variations of this dessert: Klor (Round) Gata, Yerevanyan Gata, Artsakh Gata, Gavar Gata, Gata from Geghard village etc. Գաթա has different names in different regions and towns.

Music: Vagharshapat Dance by Khachaturian trio

Via Кинокомпания HAYK, Heghineh, My Armenia Program, Armen Yeritsyan,, Manana Center, Art's Bakery, Floured Up Baking, Tulumba Mama, Argishti House, Рецепты - помощь на кухне (

#ArmenianFood #Armenia #ArmenianCuisine #Gata #Գաթա #Հայաստան #Гата #Армения 22/08/2020

Armenia Reopening for Tourism-

Hi everyone🤗
Armenia opens borders for foreign tourists all country 😍 TOURINFO-YEREVAN- Trevor & Kashlee Kucheran – Creators of Travel Off Path-who are Canadians and full-time travelers, entrepreneurs- published an article on August 19, 2020, about Armenia Reopening for Tourism On August 12, 2020, Armenia lifted the ban on foreigners entering the country and officia...


Իմ անունը հայ է

This is just party fragment of Armenian lovely couple 😍

Ինչ լավն են❤️երկար տարիների կյանք ձեզ ,միշտ այսպես կյանքով լեցուն եւ հոգով երիտասարդ լինեք։😍


Արծվաբերդ (Artsvaberd)

Armenian traditional bread (boqon) baking by village woman in Artsvaberd accompanied by beautiful national song about bread baking by Marine Mkrtchyan. Enjoy 😊


Հաց ենք թխում
Խմորի բաղադրության մեջ մտնում է ջուր, ալյուր, աղ և թթխմոր։

Երգը՝ «Հաց կթխեմ, գարի ա», երգում է Մարինե Մկրտչյանը Marine Mkrtchyan 29/02/2020

5 Reasons to Hike Armenia in 2020

#hiking #armenia #vivatour Finally! Armenia is receiving the recognition it deserves as an exciting and unique hiking destination.


Khosrov Forest State Reserve/ "Խոսրովի անտառ" պետական արգելոց

Khosrov Forest State Reserve Armenia :)

Համեղ կերակուրից հետո....կարելի է թեթևանալ...😂 07/02/2020

WIZZ – Dream more. Live more. Be more.

We are close to each other 😍✈️🎆

We are happy to announce that #WizzAir, the Hungarian budget airline will operate #LarnacaYerevanLarnaca (#Cyprus); #VilniusYerevanVilnius, #ViennaYerevanVienna routes. Flights
will start from April 2020 with a
frequency of flights twice a week.

You can get detailed information on flights and tickets by visiting the airline's website at Fly with Europe's fastest growing and greenest ultra-low cost airline. Friendly service, low fares and a wide network of destinations. 31/01/2020

Welcome To The World’s Next Tech Hub: Armenia

Welcome to #Armenia, the country, which is your new #TechHub. Armenia is a landlocked country in the heart of the Caucasus that's using its emerging tech sector to leap onto the global stage.



Happy Army day #Armenia 🎆
Your #PhilanthropyArmyTour in Armenia with #VivaTourArmenia

Տոնդ շնորհավոր, Հայոց Բանակ 🇦🇲💖⭐️
Congratulations to the Armenian victory, glorious army !
Շնորհավոր տոնդ Հայոց հաղթանակած, փառապանծ բանակ։
VIA IG Armenia
Video via & 06/01/2020


Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 Vic Gerami answers Frequently Asked Questions about why Armenians celebrate the original Christmas on January 6 in The Blunt Post.


Thank you for your support and cooperation and Christmas gifts as well 🎁
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🎆


We appreciate your cooperation dear ARARAT Museum of Yerevan Brandy Company. Thank you for Christmas 🎁
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🎆


Tourism Armenia

Visit Armenia! The New Year miracle is in Yerevan🎄

Այցելեք Հայաստան. Ամանորի հրաշքը Երևանում է 💫

Photo credits: Photolure News Agency;; Lilian Galstyan


Get your #winetour with #VivaTourArmenia 🍷 🍷 🍷

🔥 🔥 💯 💯 EUROPA NOSTRA, the European voice of cultural heritage, supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, shortlists the ARMENIAN KARAS as one of the 7 MOST ENDANGERED CULTURAL HERITAGES in Europe ❗️
Zorik and Yeraz Gharibian nominated the Karas through their foundation. Many followers will know that the founders of ZORAH have been fighting to raise awareness of the historic importance and implications of the Armenian Karas and traditional ancient wine-making techniques in the Karas as part of, not only, Armenia’s CULTURAL HERITAGE, but a world heritage. This is a GREAT achievement as Europ’s representative voice for Endangered Cultural Heritage has recognised the immense contribution the karas with their 6000 year history have made to the development of wine through millennia. We hope this nomination will raise awareness IN Armenia ,as well as abroad, on the importance of the Karas in the development of world wine culture. Hopefully Armenia will now consider officially recognising the Karas as part of the country’s National Heritage! 🙂🤣🤣


Armenian Assembly

Happy birthday my dearest Yerevan😘
#Tour #Yerevan #Armenia #VivaTourArmenia

🥳🇦🇲 С днем рождения, любимый город! #Ереван-у исполняется 2801 год!

Что вам больше всего нравится в нашей прекрасной столице?

✅ Причудливая смесь архитектурных стилей;
✅ Вкусная еда и ароматные напитки;
✅ Солнце, которое светит почти 300 дней в году;
✅ Свидетельства многовековой истории и культурное наследство;
✅ Гостеприимные жители и особый темперамент города.

Пишите свой вариант в комментариях!

#ArmenianAssembly #АссамблеяАрмян #Armenia #Армения #հայաստան #Hayastan #hay #hayer #հայ #Armenian #армяне #livelovearmenia #madeinarmenia #армениямоя #Armenians #VisitArmenia #Yerevan #yerevan2800 #yerevan2801


#RadioYerevan was asked by #NikolPashinyan-“Why RyanAir launched flights to Armenia”?
Radio Yerevan answers- “They made a deal with #KimKardashian that she will visit #Armenia more often 😘😋😍😜✈️🛫


Is Armenia on your list in 2020? Do not worry and be happy, as you can fly to Armenia via RYANAIR from Milan, Rome, Berlin by 35 EURO!
Armenia always for you!

#Viva #Armenia


Kim Kardashian West with her kids enjoyed spectacular Garni gorge view. Welcome 🌹🌹🌹

#KimKardashian #West
#VivaTour #Armenia
#JumptoArmenia 08/10/2019

Serj Tankian arrives in Yerevan, to attend the World Congress of Information Technology (WCIT 2019) |

World famous singer and songwriter #SerjThankian already in Yerevan to attend IT World Congres #WCIT2019. You are very welcome, dear Serj 😍 World famous singer and songwriter Serj Tankian has arrived in Yerevan to attend the World Congress of Information Technology (WCIT 2019). WCIT 2019 will be held in Yerevan on October 6-9, 2019. The Congress is hosted by Armenia with the support and under the high patronage of the Government of the....


Tim Straight

Our marvelous guests from Norway 🇳🇴. You’re so good 😊

Video by Tim Straight

Jussi Flemming Bioern
Merete Valstad
Viva Kragerø Kantori

Kragerø kantori has arrived! Concert in Gyumri Tuesday and Yerevan on Friday.

#NorwayinArmenia Live Love Armenia


WCIT 2019 Yerevan

This is #Armenia and we are happy to make your dreams come true in the beautiful land of Armenia🥰

🌏 The 23rd World Congress on Information Technology is here to bring the most trending topics of the IT world under the spotlight.
💡 About 100 speakers and 2000 participants will come together in Yerevan, Armenia, October 6-9 to fulfill the promise of the Digital Age.

➡️ Join #WCIT2019 and reserve your ticket before we sell out 🔥


Tigran Avinyan / Տիգրան Ավինյան

Get ready to meet the future in the ancient land of Armenia 😍

Վաղը Երևանում կմեկնարկի Տեղեկատվական տեխնոլոգիաների 23-րդ համաշխարհային համաժողովը՝ #WCIT2019 : Համաժողովը մի հարկի տակ է հավաքելու 70 երկրից ժամանած ավելի քան 2500 գլոբալ առաջնորդների, մտածողների, նորարարների, քաղաքական գործինչերի, հետազոտողների, ինչպես նաև արվեստի ու շոու-բիզնեսի գերաստղերի։

Այն, որ մենք հյուրընկալում ենք ՏՏ ոլորտի ամենահեղինակավոր միջոցառումներից մեկը, նշանակում է, որ Հայաստանը լուրջ հայտ է ներկայացնում բարձր տեխնոլոգիաների և նորարարության աշխարհի առաջատար երկրների շարքում իր արժանի տեղը գրավելու համար։

WCIT 2019 Yerevan 16/08/2019

The 11 Best Things To Do in Yerevan, Armenia

#Armenia by #PeterMoore Compact and lively, Armenia's capital is a mixture of grand monuments, leafy boulevards and a buzzing cafe and restaurant scene. Here’s your guide to the top things to do in Yerevan, as a local would do...


Armenia celebrates Vardavar 😍

Վարդավառ. ջրում և ջրվում են բոլորը




В Армении звезды ближе

#Армения #поездка #отдых #отпуск #семейныйотдых

Հուփ տանք տարածենք էս թույն ռոլիկը ❤



Armenian song of giant composer Sayat Nova (18 th century) performs in #London by wonderful musicians and #Egiptian singer. Bravo!

Եգիպտացի երաժիշտը Լոնդոնի հրապարակում երգում է Սայաթ-Նովայի "Նազանի"-ն


Our wonderful guests from Finland ❤️


In the Venetian dialect, apricots are called "armelin" or "armeini" and other variations.
Prunus Armeniaca in Latin! Because the tastiest fruit was spread throughout Roman Empire from Armenia.
VivaTour Armenia welcomes you to enjoy wonderful fruits just at the garden.
#Viva #Armenia


Beautiful Lake Sevan, 1900 m.
Jump to Armenia🥰 With swimming, fishing, water activities there is truly something for everyone 😘😍🎉

#Viva #Armenia


St Hripsime church in Echmiadzin by Fridtjof Nansen


Ֆրիտյով Նանսենի ալբոմից.


Made in Armenia

Tolma festival 2019, Armenia

🇦🇲 Տոլմայի ամենամյա Փառատոնը Զվարթնոցի տաճարում։
The festival of traditional Armenian dish - Tolma
© Jor Martirosyan

Our Story

VivaTour /ARMENIA, a co-founder member of Tourism Armenia Association, is one of the leading DMC & Incoming tour operators for Armenia and South Caucasus. Mrs. Nune Hakobyan (Founder & CEO of Viva-Tour LLC) launched the company in 2013 with a support of intellectual and devoted team. VivaTour is offering @ tour packages for tourists’ from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Finland and the all European markets such as Intellectual, Literary, Spiritual, Ecumenical religious, Cultural, History travel projects and MICE as well. Experienced team of VivaTour does not mean to ignore travelers who have distinct visible or invisible disabilities. For this reason, the personnel has trained specialists and guides, recruited adequate itinerary and facilities, used suited assistive technology and cooperated with relevant organizations. In addition, Mrs. Nune Hakobyan was awarded “The Best Woman Innovator” category in the frame of “The Best Woman Entrepreneurs 2017” annual award that's carried out under the patronage of the RA Prime Minister.

Employees of the Company are multi language; we speak your language!
Please contact us if you are even contemplating the business goals in this region and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

Our partners and customers’ full satisfaction coupled with our strong commitment is our best business card. Now, it is your turn to have that business card and fulfill your travel fantasies or business deals with VivaTour!
Let us get to know each other!

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