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With new dreams and goals to 2021!
Happy New Year 🎊

#newtear #christmas #feelarmenia #traveltoarmenia #alwaysextraordinary #atouchofspirit

With new dreams and goals to 2021!
Happy New Year 🎊

#newtear #christmas #feelarmenia #traveltoarmenia #alwaysextraordinary #atouchofspirit

New Year is a new chance so

let’s unify
let’s love
let’s respect
let’s forgive
let’s learn
let’s grow

Happy New Year! 🎊

So the next dish of our Insta line is #Khashlama 😍
Khashlama is a traditional Armenian vegetable and lamb stew. Made with simple ingredients, this iconic Armenian dish is delicious, satisfying, and, surprisingly, easy to make. 🍲
It’s often cooked by the men of the family, who get together to chop the vegetables and marinate the meat. They also take their time to socialize and catch up on the latest family updates making the process of preparing this dish a part of the main event.💫

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Let's fulfill our line of #Armeniansoups with #Spas 🤩

This yogurt soup is very smooth and comforting. The chewy wheat berries provide an interesting texture and make the soup more filling.🍲

Spas is the perfect soup to warm you up on a cold dark evening and you can use it as an alternative to a chicken soup to soothe cold and flu symptoms. 🤧 😷

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It's #Khash time!!! 🤗

Khash is a festive soup dish, made especially during the wintertime. It’s an Armenian food that soothes the stomach.

The name itself comes from the Armenian word ”khashel”, which means ”to boil”.🍲

This is because its preparation requires boiling parts of cow or sheep, including the head, feet, and stomach.

Dried lavash is crumbled into the broth and served for – believe it or not – breakfast!🌮

Khash is a truly unique food of Armenian culture, and very much a delicacy to try if you ever visit.❤️

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Beauty is about Armenia and Artsakh 😍

#feelarmenia #traveltoarmenia

Armenians often call Yerevan as the capital city of their hearts ❤️

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It's time to start planning trips for the next year🤔 still can't decide where?
The answer is one,- To #Armenia 🇦🇲
We are here for you🤗

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Love is the dove of peace, the spirit of brotherhood, it is tenderness and compassion, forgiveness and tolerance. 🕊
#feelarmenia #traveltoarmenia

The eyes of the Armenians speak long before the lips move and long aftet they cease to.

-Arshile Gorky
Armenian-American Painter

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Krounk in Shushi 🕊

Belgian Armenian cellist Sevak Avanesyan has played “Krounk” by Komitas at Ghazanchetsots Church that was heavily damaged in Azerbaijani shelling...💫

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Short about #ArmenianSpirit 🖤

#feelthespirit #feelarmenia

When I looked into the eyes of our soldiers I understood that they love homeland more than I believe in God... 💫
- Ter Abel, The priest of the village Movses on the border

#staystrong #Artsakhstrong #Armeniastrong #stopagressions #believe

We stand with Artsakh and our heroes 💪❤️🇦🇲


Let there be peace on Earth 🌍

5 reasons why to travel to Armenia 🇦🇲

1️⃣ Explore World’s First Christian Country 😇
2️⃣ Enjoy the look of Biblical Ararat Mountain 🏔
3️⃣ Take the longest cable car in the world 🚠
4️⃣ Taste the most delicious water in the world 💧
5️⃣ Feel real Armenian hospitality 🤩

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📢Airlines that have already resumed or will soon resume regular flights🛫
A number of airlines have already resumed or plan to resume their regular flights to the Republic of Armenia🇦🇲.
Below is a list of airlines that have resumed or resume operations.
✅Aeroflot Russian Airlines operates flights on the route Moscow- Yerevan-Moscow every Thursdays and Saturdays, and starting from September 27 one more flight will be operated on Sundays.
✅Air France operates flights on the route Paris-Yerevan-Paris every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.
✅Austrian Airlines operates flights on the route Vienna-Yerevan-Vienna on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, and starting from October 2 the flights will be also operated on Fridays.
✅Belavia Minsk-Yerevan-Minsk flights are operated daily.
✅Fly Dubai airlines operates flights on the route Dubai-Yerevan-Dubai on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.
✅Middle East Airlines operates flights on the route Beirut-Yerevan-Beirut flights on Saturdays.
✅Qatar Airways operates Doha-Yerevan-Doha flights on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
✅Sky Up operates Kiev-Yerevan-Kiev flights on Mondays and Fridays.
✅Ukraine International Airlines operates flights Kiev-Yerevan-Kiev on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
✅Air Cairo will resume Sharm el Sheikh-Yerevan- Sharm el Sheikh flights from September 17 on Thursday and Sunday.
✅AMC Airlines will resume Sharm el Sheikh-Yerevan- Sharm el Sheikh flights on September 19, which will be operated every Saturday.
✅Armenia Airways Yerevan-Tehran-Yerevan flights will be resumed from September 20, which will be operated on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.
✅Air Arabia Sharjah-Yerevan-Sharjah flights will resume on October 11 and will be operated on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.
For the availability of air tickets, their acquisition and other details, please contact the airline operating the relevant flight.
Please also note that changes in the airline schedule are possible due to the situation in the country and around the world.
Source: Zvartnots International Airport
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All the roads take to #Armenia 💚

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🏔🔝🚙"Adventure begins at the end of the roads you know"!!!

🌍#touchthetop #adventure #offroad #cometoVayotsdzor
Feel Armenia
📸 Photo Tour
📸 Photographer Inga Avanesova

You know we are a #founder-led boutique travel company. 💚
Ok, it doesn't mean that our founder just controls everything, nope, he travels with the group making sure that our guests feel comfortable and enjoy the tour... 💪

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Hello! We are waiting for you 💚

Buy a digital voucher and keep Feel Armenia strong!

Գնիր թվային վաուչեր և Feel Հայաստանը պինդ պահիր! ✊🏼


Link: https://bit.ly/3lSr2bP

| Feel Armenia

Happy 1st day of September! It is the day of knowledge and education in Armenia 🥳🇦🇲
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When the monastery meets the sky 💫

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Who misses our staff? 🤔

P.s. We miss you 😔❤️

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When your soul meets the spirit of Armenia 🖤

#feelarmenia #traveltoarmenia #spiritualtravel #traveltogether #pilgrimage

Feel the spirit 💫

#feelarmenia #feelthespirit #traveltoarmenia #traveltomorrow #pilgrimage #spiritualtravel

Read the article of Top 10 souvenirs on our website👇


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#happytoannounce 🥳

The decision N 298-N of March 16 was amended, according to which the emergency situation was extended for 1 month, at the same time some restrictions were softened, in particular, the ban on people entering the country who do not have the citizenship of Armenia was lifted.❤️

According to the decision, immediately after entering the territory of the Republic of Armenia by air, a medical examination is performed to detect the presence and/or symptoms of infection. After passing the relevant examination, the person entering shall be subject to self-isolation for a period of 14 days, unless hospitalized or other restrictive measures are applied to the latter due to the presence of symptoms.😉

A person in self-isolation may voluntarily, on a paid basis, undergo a PCR examination for the diagnosis of coronavirus (COVID-19). Moreover, the sampling necessary for PCR testing during isolation should be carried out exclusively through the visit of specialists in the relevant laboratories at the place of self-isolation of the person. In case of a negative result of the PCR examination, the person leaves self-isolation.

Those people who do not have the citizenship of Armenia are prohibited from entering the Republic of Armenia through the land border checkpoint, except for:

Family members of citizens of the Republic of Armenia entering the network, as well as persons who are not citizens of the Republic of Armenia, but have the right to reside in the Republic of Armenia on legal grounds.

Representatives of diplomatic missions, consular posts և Representatives of international organizations և their family members.

In special cases when, by taking into account the epidemic situation in those countries (territories), a person is allowed to enter by the decision of the guard.

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We know you like #Armeniangirl photos ❤️
Enjoy it 😍

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Old, but gold. ✨

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If it doesn't open, it's not your #door👌

#feelarmenia #traveltoarmenia #allthedoorstaketoArmenia #traveltogether

Old door lovers? Post in the comment your fav one ❤️

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Zvartnots International Airport

We are very glad to announce that our Zvartnots International Airport is ready for new challenges 💪

#feelarmenia #traveltoarmenia #internationalairport #zvartnots

🇦🇲 text ⤵

Struggle against pandemic with modern solutions: Zvartnots is waiting for its passengers

COVID-19 caused indescribable major losses to millions of people, thousands of organizations and companies.

The epidemic has had an impact on activity of Zvartnots International Airport. Our annual passenger flow of 3 million was decreased by 98 %...

Before returning to the regular routine of life we have committed ourselves to ensuring not only the safe flights for the passengers but also to the provision of all the necessary conditions for protecting them from coronavirus.

To that effect during the petrol service aviation security employees will distantly measure the passengers’ temperature with the help of “smart” helmets, the baggage and carry-on items will be safely disinfected, the required social distance will be kept both between the passengers and between our employees with the help of the linear markings and signs, the protective separators placed at the airport. While for hands disinfection the required disinfectant liquids are available.

We are ready to face all the challenges of the pandemic and we are sure that we will overcome it with our unified efforts.

Our trips and your trips are only starting and the beautiful moments of life are still to come.


Ժամանակակից լուծումներով պայքար համաճարակի դեմ. «Զվարթնոցը» սպասում է իր ուղևորներին

Կորոնավիրուսն աշխարհում անասելի մեծ վնասներ հասցրեց միլիոնավոր մարդկանց, հազարավոր կազմակերպությունների և ընկերությունների:

Համաճարակն իր ազդեցությունը թողեց նաև «Զվարթնոց» միջազգային օդանավակայանի գործունեության վրա. տարեկան 3 միլիոն ուղևորաշրջանառություն ունեցող մեր ուղևորահոսքը կրճատվեց 98 տոկոսով....

Մինչև կյանքի բնականոն հունին անցնելը, մենք ստանձնեցինք ապահովել ոչ միայն ուղևորների անվտանգ թռիչքները, այլ նաև՝ ապահովել բոլոր անհրաժեշտ պայմանները՝ կորոնավիրուսից վերջիններիս պաշտպանելու համար:

Այդ նպատակով ավիացիոն անվտանգության աշխատակիցները, շրջիկ ծառայության ընթացքում ժամանակակից «խելացի» սաղավարտներով հեռահար ձևով կջերմաչափեն ուղևորներին, ուղեբեռներն ու ձեռքի իրերն անվտանգ կերպով կախտահանվեն, օդանավակայանում փակցված հատուկ գծանշանների ու ցուցանակների, տեղադրված պաշտպանիչ բաժանարարների շնորհիվ կապահովվի ինչպես ուղևորների, այնպես էլ մեր աշխատակիցների միջև անհրաժեշտ սոցիալական հեռավորությունը, իսկ ձեռքերի ախտահանման համար տեղադրված են անհրաժեշտ ախտահանիչ հեղուկներ:

Մենք պատրաստ ենք դիմակայել համաճարակի բոլոր դժվարություններին և վստահ ենք, որ այն կհաղթենք միասնական ուժերով:

Մեր և Ձեր ճանապարհորդություններրը դեռ նոր են սկվում, իսկ կյանքի գեղեցիկ պահերը դեռ առջևում են:

#ZvartnotsInternationalAirport #ZvartnotsAirport #coronavirus #covid19 #StruggleAgainstPandemic

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Feel Armenia is the brand of Fairyland Hospitality Group, which has been providing premium services since 2008.

Travelling around Armenia with Feel Armenia you will enjoy customized and well-thought-out tours catered to individual tastes of each traveller. This is what differs Feel Armenia, not with its volumes, not with its offered services. We are really determined by the fact that our driving force is the creation of effective influence and responsible tourism.

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Krounk in Shushi 🕊
Tamara is here ❤️
Music is very #spiritual, it has the power to bring people together... P.s. Close your eyes and listen...🎶 #spiritualmusic #violin #duduk #traveltoArmenia #stayhome #justlisten #musicislife #feelarmenia




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Нашим девизом является предоставлять клиентам достоверную информацию и качественный сервис.

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