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Picnic is a chain of hotels and apartments in Armenia and Georgia. Picnic is a chain of hotels and apartments in Armenia. It currently includes City Centre Hotel by Picnic, City Hotel by Picnic, City Centre Apartments by Picnic and Garoon Resort by Picnic.


Operating as usual


Upon entering the territory of the Republic of Armenia through the air-land border crossing points, a certificate of up to 72 hours confirming the negative result of the PCV examination for the diagnosis of coronavirus (COVID-19) is presented. The certificate must be in Armenian, Russian or English with all the contact details of the medical institution conducting the examination, with a document containing the name of the supervisor, indicating the name of the examined person, surname, ID number, date of birth, examination result, signed by the head of the organization and approved organization.


A call from Armenia

ARMENIA, the land you love, is calling for you...

With its picturesque beauty, peace-loving people and superbly rich Heritage, Armenia most certainly doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.
Once you visit Armenia, a piece of it will remain with you forever.

So as you read this, I ask you to recall what impressed you most from the moments you spent here or among the things you heard about this land.
Was it one of the many churches that date back to the 4th century, maybe it was the genuine kindness of the people that touched you most, or perhaps it was the mouthwatering food you had...

But today, this land is in real pain.
On September 27th, and precisely on the World Tourism Day, a piece of Armenia, the land of Artsakh, was attacked violently and mercilessly by Azerbaijan, with direct involvement of Turkey and pro-Turkish foreign terrorist fighters.
The Azerbaijani government has been practicing strict censorship on its social media platforms and the internet, leaving its people in the dark without access to the real facts. It is also attempting to keep the truth from the world by not allowing unbiased foreign media coverage on its land. However, the world is not blind, and the international community has already started condemning the aggressive acts towards Artsakh and the peaceful civilians.
Cultural assets and historical sites are not being spared either, becoming the target of deliberate destruction in an attempt of wiping out the Armenian cultural memory and Heritage that has been in this land for countless centuries. Artsakh is an inseparable part of the world and a real treasure to be discovered, admired and preserved by the present and coming generations. It is home to an uncountable number of historical-cultural-natural-human heritage and all these are in danger today.
We call upon you to talk about what’s happening here, to post about it on your socials. Speak out and make the truth resonate loud so that no one can ignore it and so that justice takes its course.
The world should know that the Armenian population is the target of ethnic cleansing in its historic homeland… once again.
Currently your help is indispensable whereas your silence may have irreversible consequences.
With your support you can provide humanitarian aid for this innocent population who are being deprived of their right to simply exist and live independently on their land.
Finally, when all of this is over and there is peace in our homeland, it will be our greatest pleasure to meet you here again, and even though wounded, to be sharing our victory with you accompanied by a sincere smile from our hearts.

youtube.com ARMENIA, the land you love, is calling for you... Once you visit Armenia, a piece of it will remain with you forever. But today, this land is in real pain. O...

We invite you for a glass of wine 🍷

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What about staycation as we cannot take a vacation? 🤔💭

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Dear Guests!

We want to inform, that we are giving vauchers to all guests who requested a refund started from 1st of June.

Thank you for your trust and understanding!

We hope to welcome you soon 💙

Picnic is reopening in a new approach! All the apartments are being disinfected by professional companies. Guests will be welcomed with masks and gloves on and will have hand sanitizers in the apartments.

You can now reserve an apartment for short-term and long-term stay by a message or a phone call.

We will be glad to welcome you!

Picnic-ը հունիսի 1-ից վերսկսում է իր աշխատանքները նոր ձևաչափով։ Բոլոր բնակարանները ախտահանվում են պրոֆեսիոնալ կազմակերպության կողմից։ Հյուրերին դիմավորում ենք ձեռնոցներով և դիմակով, իսկ բնակարաններում առկա են ալկոգելեր։

Արդեն կարող եք ամրագրել հեռախոսազանգի կամ նամակի միջոցով, կարճաժամկետ կամ երկարաժամկետ բնակության նպատակով։

Սիրով կհյուրընկալենք Ձեզ;


Life after the coronavirus: how can the pandemic change our lives? - Picnic Hotels

From empty streets to uncrowded tourist spots and closed signs: this is the portrait of the world at the time of Coronavirus. 😷

❗It is clear that life after this outbreak will never be the same as before. So how can the pandemic change our life?

#picnichotels #quarantined #lifeafterthecoronavirus #tourism #dontcancelyourtrip #postpone

picnichotels.com From empty streets to uncrowded tourist spots and closed signs: this is the portrait of the world at the time of Coronavirus. As people around the world face the realities of self isolation, it is clear that the coronavirus pandemic is affecting practically all areas of everyone’s life. So, how ca...


Բանակցում ենք զբոսաշրջիկների հետ, որ չեղարկելու փոխարեն հետաձգեն այցը Հայաստան․ հյուրանոցատեր

Picnic հյուրանոցային ցանցի համահիմնադիր Արտաշես Մելքումյանի հարցազրույցը կոռոնավիրուսի հետևանքով զբոսաշրջության ոլորտում ստեղծված իրավիճակի մասին։

#picnichotels #picnicapartments #savetourism #dontcancelyourtrip #postpone #interview

civilnet.am Զբոսաշրջությունը, հյուրանոցային բիզնեսը կորոնավիրուսի պանդեմիայից ամենաշատ տուժող ոլորտներից է։ Հայաստանի հյուրանոցները, որ մեկ-երկու ամիս առաջ լեցուն էին և ուն....

Let's save the tourism together. Don't cancel your trip, just move the dates and travel some other time. 💙
The world is waiting for you! 🌎

#Picnichotelsandspartments #savetourism #dontlettheviruschangeyourplans


The 17 Most Beautiful Places To Travel To In Spring

Gyumri has been included in Forbes's list of 17 most beautiful places to travel this spring! Don't hesitate, book your stay in Armenia now 💙

#picnichotels #picnicapartments #visitarmenia #cometogyumri #explore_Gyumri_with_Picnic

forbes.com Shoulder season means cheaper hotels, less crowds and beautiful blooms, making spring the best time to head to some of your favorite destinations. These are the tricks to getting the most out of a trip this, or next, spring.


6 best things to do in Armenia this spring - Picnic Hotels

Here at #Picnic we are counting down the days till one of the most colorful and blooming seasons of the year. Whether you are visiting us for a long vacation or just for a day, here are some experiences for you to fully enjoy the springtime in Armenia.🌷🌼🎋

#visitArmenia #spring #springinYerevan #SalvadorDali #PabloPicasso

picnichotels.com Each season in Armenia has its own beauty, and spring is not an exception. It is the time of the year when nature bursts back into life in an explosion of bright colours of blooming flowers all around. Furthermore, Armenia comes alive in springtime with plenty of amazing events. Here are 6 best thin...

Our stunning apartments, completely renovated and tastefully furnished with minimalistic design, are ready to provide your ideal stay in our magnificent capital Yerevan. 💙

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Top 10 museums to visit in Yerevan - Picnic Hotels

Museums preserve and display the artistic, social and scientific heritage of every city. In this article Picnic presents a list of top 10 museums to visit in Yerevan. 💙

#picnichotels #picnicapartments #visit_armenia #cometoyerevan #museums #museums_of_yerevan

picnichotels.com Museums preserve and display the artistic, social and scientific heritage of every country. Being a crucial source of inspiration and education, the museums of Yerevan are must see places for those, who want to have closer acquaintance with history and culture of Armenia. In this article Picnic pres...

Picnic Hotels


Tsaghkadzor - Picnic Hotels

Winter is the best time to visit Tsaghkadzor. Take our tour and enjoy Armenian winter to its fullest! ❄️💙

#Picnichotels #Picnicapartments #cometoArmenia #winterinArmenia #visitTsaghkadzor

picnichotels.com If you want to See Armenia from the height from where the symbols of Armenia Mount Ararat and Lake Sevan are visible at a glance – in clear weather then visit Armenia’s most popular resort Tsaghkadzor. It’s a unique place attracting tourists all year round not only by dazzling whiteness of its...


Where to go in 2020: an insiders’ guide

Armenia has been included in Financial Times's 2020 hottest destinations list, as the country will get its first low-cost airline links with western Europe.🇦🇲💙

#picnichotels #picnicapartments #cometoyerevan #visitarmeniain2020

ft.com From the snows of Svalbard to Brexit Britain, travel experts pick their hottest destinations


Your complete guide to New Year in Armenia - Picnic Hotels

A few days are remaining untill the most favourite holiday in Armenia! Let's step into the new decade with bright hearts and hope for wonder! 🍾🥂🎆🎇

#Picnichotels #picnicapartments #cometoarmenia #spendnewyearinarmenia

picnichotels.com Marking the start of a new year according to Gregorian calendar, New Year is a public holiday in many countries. It represents the beginning of a new period in people’s life full of high hopes for a brighter future. New Year is the most favorite holiday in Armenia, too.   New Year celebrations in...

Picnic Hotels

Book your amazing winter stay at our cozy City Hotel by Picnic at the heart of Yerevan 💙

#Picnichotels #picnicapartments #cityhotelbypicnic #winterinyerevan #cometoarmenia


Ամրագրե՛ք Թբիլիսիում մեր բնակարանները անհավատալի ցածր գներով։ Ակցիան գործում է նոյեմբերի 26-29-ը` նոյեմբերի 26-ից դեկտեմբերի 20-ը այցելելու համար։

⭐️ Ստուդիո բնակարան /2 հոգի/ - 9500 դրամ
⭐️ Մեկ ննջասենյակով բնակարան /մինչև 3 հոգի/ - 11000 դրամ
⭐️ Երկու ննջասենյակով բնակարան /մինչև 5 հոգի/ - 16000 դրամ
⭐️ Երեք ննջասենյակով բնակարան /մինչև 6 հոգի/ - 18000 դրամ

Մանրամասների համար` գրեք :)

#ՍևՈւրբաթ #PicnicApartments #TbilisiwithPicnic #visitTbilisi


Tours in Armenia - Picnic Hotels

Discover Armenia with Picnic! 💙

#picnichotels #picnicapartments #toursinarmenia #visitarmenia

picnichotels.com Among the variety of travel agencies Picnic chain of hotels stands out due to the quality of the services it offers. Our hotel offers also a great number of tours to help you explore the enchanting beauty of the popular sights in Armenia and the history, culture, and traditions of the Armenian peopl...


Топ 7 причин посетить Армению зимой - Picnic Hotels

Несмотря на то, что Армению принято считать страной солнца, зимой тоже бывает сказочно красиво в нашей стране. Picnic подобрал 7 причин посетить Армению именно зимой, которые сделают вашу поездку незабываемой. ❄️💙

#Picnichotels #picnicapartments #winterinarmenia #visitarmenia

picnichotels.com Несмотря на то, что Армению принято считать страной солнца, а лето – основным туристическим сезоном, зимой тоже бывает сказочно красиво в нашей стране. Picnic подобра....

Picnic Hotels

A journey to success! Discover a new world with Picnic’s Hotel management services.
#PicnicHotelsandApartments #visitArmenia

A journey to success! Discover a new world with Picnic’s Hotel management services.

Ցանկանում եք մասնակցել նոյեմբերի 14-16-ը անցկացվող Datafest Tbilisi-ի՞ն: Այս առիթով Picnic-ն առաջարկում է Թբիլիսիի ամենահարմարավետ ու ջերմ բնակարանները` հատուկ զեղչված գներով: 🔥

#Picnichotels #picnicapartments #cometotbilisi #datafesttbilisi


Top 7 things to do in Armenia in winter - Picnic Hotels

Winter has its own charm and beauty in our country! ❄️
Check this list of 7 must do things to make your winter stay in Armenia even more unforgettable. 💙

#Picnichotels #Picnicapartments #winterinarmenia #visitarmenia

picnichotels.com Although Armenia is considered to be a land of sun and summer is the main season for tourism, winter has its own charm and beauty in our country. Picnic selected 7 must do things that will make your winter stay in Armenia even more unforgettable.   1. Visit Tsaghkadzor ski resort Tsaghkadzor is one...


Top 10 reasons to visit the pearl of Tbilisi: Chugureti - Picnic Hotels

Are you planning a trip to Tbilisi, but don't know which places are worth visiting in this amazing city? Picnic presents a list of 10 coolest spots you shouldn't miss during your trip! 🚕💙

#Picnichotels #picnicapartments #travelling #visitgeorgia #cometotbilisi #visitchugureti

picnichotels.com If you are planning a trip around Georgia or just a weekend trip to Tbilisi, then you should visit a very atmospheric district of the city: Chugureti. Why is Chugureti worth visiting? With this list of the top10 reasons Picnic will help you find answers to this question.   1. David Agmashenebeli Av...

🇬🇪Շտապե՛ք ամրագրել Թբիլիսիի ամենահարմարավետ ու նորաոճ բնակարաններն ամենամատչելի գներով։🏢 🔥

Մանրամասների համար գրեք էջին։
#PicnicHotels #Georgia #Tbilisi #visittbilisi #spendautumninGeorgia #autumn #picnic #hotel #apartment #vacation #enjoy #trip #country #city


Мы покажем вам, где раки зимуют! - Picnic Hotels

Пикник предлагает 5 заведений в Ереване, где вы можете попробовать лучших раков в городе! 🍻

#Picnichotels #Picnicapartments #лучшиеракивереване

picnichotels.com Если вы побывали в Ереване и не попробовали севанского рака, значит все ваше путешествие оказалось напрасным․ Те, кому довелось попробовать раков, с восторгом рас....

❗Picnic is looking for an amazing person for the position of a Hotel Receptionist.

If you are

✅ a motivated person 👩‍💻

✅ like meeting new people from all corners of the world 🌍

✅ speak as many foreign languages as possible 🇦🇲🇬🇧🇷🇺🇩🇪🇫🇷🇪🇸

✅ currently looking for a job

then we are looking for you.

Please send your CV to [email protected] mentioning the position title "Hotel Receptionist" in the subject line!

#Picnic #JoinPicnic #Picnicteam #Receptionist #գործկա


Топ-10 причин посетить жемчужину Тбилиси: Чугурети - Picnic Hotels

Если вы планируете путешествие по Грузии или просто поездку на выходные в Тбилиси, то обязательно побывайте в очень атмосферном Чугурети. В этой статье мы раскроем 10 причин, почему стоит посетить именно этот колоритный район грузинской столицы. 💙

#Picnichotels #apartments #cometogeorgia #visittbilisi #chugureti

picnichotels.com Если вы планируете путешествие по Грузии или просто поездку на выходные в Тбилиси, то обязательно посетите крайне атмосферный район Чугурети. Почему стоит посетит...

‼️Շտապե՛ք ամրագրել Թբիլիսիի ամենահարմարավետ, նորաոճ և մատչելի բնակարանները։

🔥 Ի դեպ, Հայաստանից եկող մեր հյուրերի համար գործում են զեղչված գներ։

✍Մանրամասների համար գրեք էջին։

#PicnicHotels #Georgia #Tbilisi #visittbilisi #spendautumninGeorgia

❗️Areni Wine Festival is on it's way. Check out our special offer and book your dream trip right away 🔥 🍇🍷

#ExperienceArmeniawithPicnic #AreniWineFestival


Hidden places: the mystery of Aragats’s gravity hill - Picnic Hotels

Picnic continues discovering the hidden places of Armenia. This time we will talk about one of the most magical treasures of our country: the mystery of Aragats’s gravity hill! 🗻💙

#Picnichotels #picnictours #cometoarmenia #visitaragats #mysteryofaragats

picnichotels.com Picnic continues discovering the hidden places of Armenia. This time we will talk about one of the most magical treasures of our country: the mystery of Aragats’s gravity hill.   What is a gravity hill? So what is gravity or mystery hill? Firstly, it’s a phenomenon, that defies gravity. Also kn...


Special offers - Picnic Hotels

❗️Hurry up! Check these Special Offers and choose the best option for you! 🔥

#picnichotels #picnictours #specialoffers #welcometoarmenia #enjoyarmenia

picnichotels.com Special offer #1 Picnic has a special offer for the ones, who are planning to visit Armenia in October. Enjoy Areni Wine Festival and comfort of your stay by taking our package with discounted price. ORDER $240 Special offer #2 We offer you a very special price for a very special stay in Armenia. Du...

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Picnic Hotels #insiderLook
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People Try Armenian Food For The First Time
7 причин посетить Армению
Lavash - Armenian flatbread



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