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Odzun Church. Odzun. Armenia.

Awesome Armenia

The heart of Yerevan, one of the best places in Armenia's capital, Opera House view from up high.

Photography by Arthur Lumen Photography

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10 Places That Deserve More Travelers Head off the typical tourist trail to explore these surprising destinations.

Awesome Armenia

The Pagan Garni Temple looked like this few minutes ago. Always amazing and unique.

Photography by Gegaspar Photography & Cinematography

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Awesome Armenia

Nature is, and must be the fountain which alone is inexhaustible; and from which all excellencies must originally flow. Republic Square, Yerevan

Photography by Arthur Lumen Gevorgyan

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Awesome Armenia

Sweet life continues in the golden fields of Yenokavan in Tavush region.

Photography by Gegaspar Photography & Cinematography

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Awesome Armenia

You can grow like a tall tree, when you enjoy the sun, wind, rain, lightening and the stars in the dark nights of Yerevan.

Photography by Arthur Lumen Photography

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15 Reasons To Visit Armenia Ever thought about visiting Armenia? Need some inspiration? Hasmik Grigorian outlines her 15 reasons to visit this historical European country. 15 reasons

Happy Victory Day !

If you don't believe in heroes, you haven't met them yet....
Happy May 9th! Happy Victory Day!

Photography by Arthur Lumen Photography

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Awesome Armenia

Ազատի ջրամբարը գիշերով | Magical Azat Reservoir at night | Awesome Armenia

Timelaps by Arthur Lumen Photography, Haki Margaryan, Levon Badikyan

Charles Aznavour

Matosavank, 12th century is small church hidden in a forested area of Dilijan National Park

Did you know that Armenia has its own Stonehenge ?
The site is called "Zorats Karer" which is literally translated from Armenian as Army Stones
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Trips to Armenia

Lake Sevan is the biggest lake in the Caucasus region
Check out a trip to Lake Sevan here:
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Yerevan nights are something special !
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Booze Traveler - Armenia

The famous Booze Traveler certainly had a lot of fun in Armenia, visiting the famous Areni village to try one of the oldest wines ever made !!
You can repeat his journey :D
here is a tour that includes a trip to village Areni and wine tasting in the wine plant !

Kanye and Kim have visited Geghard Monastery last year, have you ?
book a tour here:

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Armenians have lots of carpets in their homes, how about you ?

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Its Easter Sunday in Armenia !!
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Khachkar at Hovhanavank Monastery with Mt. Araler on the horizon...
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Did you know that Yerevan is 29 years older than Rome ?
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Did you know, that here in Armenia, there is a whole month dedicated to women ? #happywomensday #march8 #tripstoarmenia

Luciano Pavarotti & James Brown - It's a man's world ᴴᴰ

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For Armenians the pomegranate is one of the most recognizable symbols of the country. In Armenian mythology it symbolizes fertility and good fortune.

Temple of Garni
76 A.D.

В Историческом музее Москвы откроется выставка «Армения. Легенда бытия». В Государственном историческом музее Москвы с 11 марта по 13 июня будет проходить выставка «Армения....

Armenian Architects of Istanbul: Online Exhibition The main gate of İstanbul’s Dolmabahçe Palace was designed by Armenian architect Garabet Balyan. (Photo: Mehmet Yaman) The Turkish Museum of Architecture has recently opened an online exhibition of structures in modern Turkey created by Armenian architects during the Ottoman era. The website describ…

Bottles from the cradle of wine: Armenia and Georgia | David Williams What kind of wine were they making 5,000 years ago? These wines may not get close, but they do hint at the colourful and unique history of winemaking in this part of the world, says David Williams

Левонов "Ноев ковчег" или неизведанная Армения Дедушке Левону много лет назад приснился тревожный сон, после которого он решил построить подземелье с множеством потаенных уголков.

Levon Aronian: Armenia's 'David Beckham of chess' - Levon Aronian: Armenian chess champion is described as the 'David Beckham of chess' -- what can the world learn from his success?

Timelapse: 3D Yerevan by Locator Promo Video

Yerevan - the heart of Armenia

Visit 3D Yerevan by Locator The main goal of the project is the three dimensional modelling of the cities of the Republic of Armeni...

Traditional Armenian Garments

A selection of beautiful Armenian traditional lady costumes. Photography by: Ilya Vartanian & Karen Adriano Lyrics to the so...

Open Skies Policy implementation will develop tourism in Armenia: Frank Brenner

"There are serious prospects for tourism development ... in Armenia" - Frank Brenner There are serious prospects for tourism development as a result of the implementation of “Open Skies Policy” in Armenia.

Wondrous Armenia

Beautiful Armenian scenery music: Siro Yerk by Armenian Public Radio

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

First Armenian Khachkar Installed in Japan An Armenian khachkar was installed on the campus of Japan’s International Christian University on December 22, in honor of the Armenian Genocide Centennial.

Trips to Armenia

Full Episode - Tues. 11/17 - Conan In Armenia

#ConanArmenia Conan takes his assistant Sona to her ancestral homeland of Armenia, home of lavash bread, beautiful rugs, and weird guys looking for brides.

Artsakh advertising spot Eng

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Land of Artsakh . . . thanks to its enchanting nature and rich centuries-old history and culture, Artsakh is the crown of the Caucasus. the heart of the Arme...

5 стран, где можно шикарно отдохнуть и сэкономить Иногда идеальные варианты прямо под носом.

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