Cultural Dilijan

Armenian Culture in Nature 11/03/2014

Մշակութային Դիլիջան Մշակութային Դիլիջան 19/02/2014

Cultural Dilijan At first it was one of the quarters of Jarkhech Village (presently Haghartsin). 19/02/2014

Cultural Dilijan The first habitants were resettled people from Barekamavan Village from the Noyemberyan region and Koti. 19/02/2014

Cultural Dilijan Haghartsin village has been named in favour of the medieval Haghartsin monastic complex. 19/02/2014

Cultural Dilijan Dilijan is a resort town with mild climate, fresh air in the northeast of Armenia. It is famous for its amazing surroundings, called the «Armenian Switzerland» by the locals, due to the densely forested valleys and mountains with alpine meadows around. 01/02/2014

Jukhtakvank Monastery - Cultural Dilijan Jukhtakvank Monastery 01/02/2014

Aghavnavank Monastery - Cultural Dilijan Aghavnavank Monastery 01/02/2014

Haghartsin Monastery - Cultural Dilijan Haghartsin Monastery 01/02/2014

Goshavank Monastery - Cultural Dilijan The monastery was built not far from the ruins of an older monastery named Getik which was destroyed by an earthquake in 1188. The current monastery is sometimes referred to as Nor Getik (New Getik). 16/01/2014

Cultural Dilijan - Art / Craft Studios Hamlet Makvetsyan (artist works on site at Haghartsin monastery) 16/01/2014

Cultural Dilijan - Art / Craft Studios In 2004 she graduated from the Dilijan Branch of the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts. 16/01/2014

Cultural Dilijan - Art / Craft Studios Arman Badeyan (painter)





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