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• an unspoilt nature • a unique landscape • offers the opportunity to meet interesting and unusual people • offers the oppor

Mission: Environement , Ecoturizem . Alpinizem

Sinqerisht , kete foto e pelqej dhe vete, dhe pa ju besidisur deshiroje ta rindaje me ju ..imeraj.p

JU URONE ! Wishes you !
Pershumot e me shnet K’Shnella
Ju uron Gëzuar Krishtlindjen !
Marry Christmas!

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Shkodra Municipality

Timeline Photos

High-Albanian TOURS

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Pas Ekspozites time , ne Gjermani , kemi filluar negociatat per rihepjen saje ne shtetin Cek , kjo eshte nje lajme i mire jo veteme per mua , por dhe nje mundesi per promovimin e vlerave natyrore dhe turistike te rajonit te Alpeve , Ne nje vend ku Ceket jane dhe do mbeten, tregu me rendesishem i  zhvillimit te turizmit malor per vendin tone .

Pas Ekspozites time , ne Gjermani , kemi filluar negociatat per rihepjen saje ne shtetin Cek , kjo eshte nje lajme i mire jo veteme per mua , por dhe nje mundesi per promovimin e vlerave natyrore dhe turistike te rajonit te Alpeve , Ne nje vend ku Ceket jane dhe do mbeten, tregu me rendesishem i zhvillimit te turizmit malor per vendin tone .

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High-Albanian TOURS

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Delta of Buna/Bojana

Nje pasdite , ne Aden e Bunes,, Ulqin !

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bike ride, Theth-Shkoder .

Momente nga turet tona ne Alpe .

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Timeline Photos

Seetal T'thore zwischen Thethit und Boga 2005


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wildlife .....

travel-time...Nikaj Valley ..

Nikaj-Mertur Valley &Drini River

Nikaj Merture EXPLORER .

Nikaj-Mertur Valley &Drini River

Vendi i Shqiponjave tha Papa Francesku , po Shqiponjat fluturojne lart.!!
kjo valle eshte me shume se sa nje vallazim...... MEDITIM ...

Natural pearls Albanian and Balkan
Bota eshte madhe po ne disa vende vjen dhe behet e vogel, kete e tregon mesemir kjo Photo.

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[06/16/15]   Erwachen der Alpen – Erwachen des Balkan

• Enigma der unberührten Natur
• Das Land unserer Vorfahren
• Wurzeln des Helden-Epos

Das Gebiet Nikaj-Mertur umfasst eine Fläche von ca.18000 ha und grenzt an :
Im Norden : Nationalpark Thethi und Valbona. –Im Osten : Gemeinde Fierze und Bujan Bezirk Tropoje.
Im Süden: Koman- See. Im Westen: Gemeinde Shale Bezirk Shkodra.
In der ganzen Region Nikaj- Mertur findet man Naturwunder mit unberührter Flora und Vegetation. In Thethi : die Bergseen in einer Höhe von 2000 m, Höhlen, Wasserfälle, Canyons.
Das Gebiet ist reich an Wildpflanzen und Wildtiere, die sehr wichtig sind als Bestand der nationalen internationalen Flora und Fauna.
Die Bewohner dieser Region sind gute Gastgeber und bieten den Touristen Gastfreundschaft und einheimische, traditionelle Produkte. Die fremden Besucher können in den Häusern der Familien übernachten und so die Kultur und alten Traditionen aus diesem Gebiet kennenlernen. Da ,wo der Helden-Epos noch lebt.
Flora und Fauna
Dieses Gebiet bietet reichliche Naturschätze, die von den Bewohnern sorgfältig geschützt werden, dadurch konnte die Flora und Fauna in den Alpen erhalten bleiben.In der ganzen Region gibt es eine Vielfalt von Pflanzen, die verteilt sind, gemäß Klima und Höhe.Die Wichtigsten, die wir nennen können, sind : die Wicke (Vicia villosa), der rote Klee (Trifolium rubens),das Edelweiß,die europäische Forsythie usw. Die Artenvielfalt der Fauna ist sehr reich, aber konzentriert sich auf ganz bestimmte Gebiete.
In der Tierwelt dieser Region findet man Säugetiere,Vögel, Amphibien,Kriechtiere usw. Von denen wir einige nennen können: den Dachs, den Luchs,die Wildkatze, den Braunbär,die Wildziege, den Adler, den Auerhahn, , die Forelle, den schwarzen Salamander usw.
In diesem Gebiet befinden sich Sorten in Flora und Fauna ,die als ganz besondere Raritäten gelten und ganz besonders geschützt werden.
Im ganzen Gebiet sind viele sportliche Aktivitäten möglich. Die Bewohner bieten den Touristen wandern und auch klettern an, bis auf 2625 m Höhe auf den Berg M.G.Hapet, auf 2559m den Berg M.Hekurave. Höhlenexpeditionen ( Kakverri, Bira e zeze, Shpellae rajes ) Tagesausflüge, Wochendurlaub , Camping, Skifahren, Schneeschuhwanderungen, Rafting und Fischen usw.
Kultur und Tradition
Die ganze Region ist sehr bekannt als gute Gastgeber.
Nationaltracht der Frauen : Bluse, Kopftuch, Schärpe, Glockenrock
Nationaltracht der Männer : Schärpe, Socken , Schafwollhose, konische Schafwollmütze mit einem umschlungenen Tuch.
Die Ansambli Nikaj-Mertur ist ein Teil des wichtigsten Ansambli „ Dardania „ aus Tropoj, diese führen traditionelle Musik, Tänze, alte Spiele,wie Steinwerfen, Handdrücken Tauziehen, vor.
Die alte traditionelle Küche ist in jeder Familie in dieser Region bekannt. Die bekanntesten Gerichte sind:
Maisbrei, Maisfladenbrot, Pastete, Spießbraten, gebratenes Huhn mit einem speziellen Brei.

Info-mob.+355692166334, fb,tw.
E-mail:[email protected] ,[email protected]
unterstützt und von ING.Petrit .Imeraj vorbereitet.
Übersetzung: L. Imeraj

• Above the mountain peaks "Vuthaj"
• Über den Bergspitzen "Vuthaj"
• Au-dessus des sommets "Vuthaj"

• אויבן די באַרג פּיקס "וווטהאַדזש"

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"keep walking'

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High-Albanian TOURS

Te Nderuar ,Un e kame hapur faqe per ti rikujtuar te gjitheve se promovimi i vlerave natyrore dhe tradicionle eshte nje detyre e te gjtheve ne .Ekoturizmi do ishte nje mundesi zhvillimi. per alpet tona. Kerkoj qe ti beni LIKE , kesaj faqeje .gjithone sipase deshires .Me respekt .P.IMERAJ .https://www.facebook.com/pages/High-Albanian-TOURS/385949524934030?ref=settings

• an unspoilt nature
• a unique landscape
• offers the opportunity to meet interesting and unusual people
• offers the oppor

through the Alps

through the Alps

Theth – Çurraj Eperm – Lekbibaj – Drin Gorge (boat) – Koman – Shkodra (car)
June 2006

At the end of their week stay in Theth in June 2006, which included days with the SVAP, 3 hours amid the orgy of alpine flowers on top of Qafa e Pejës and, for Richard, an ascent of Mt. Arapit, Richard and Jane Hargreaves returned to Shkodra via what they called ‘Petrit’s Walk’.

Petrit Imeraj had long urged Richard to visit the ‘ecological village’ of Çurraj Eperm, so this year he was asked to arrange it, fixing up local guides for the route, accommodation in Çurraj and Lekbibaj and transport at the end of the 4 day trek. He advised that Çurraj merited a two night stay in order to appreciate the uniqueness of the village. Other people claimed the village was now deserted but Petrit said he knew a family still living there. Richard also wanted to see if this route would make a suitable finale to his dream of a through trek from Peja/Peć in Kosovo/a, to Plav, Gusinje and Vusanje in Montenegro, over to Theth in Albania and on to Shkodra. Would walking out from Theth via Çurraj Eperm be more attractive than yet another transport ride via Boga?

In the event, the 4 day trek was a truly memorable experience but rather more than Richard and Jane had bargained for. The route to ÇE from Theth, over the col at 1870m above the summer alpine pasture of Fusha e Dhellit then down to the valley of the Çurraj river, hadn’t, it was learned later, been walked for 15 years. There was now no track to follow and the guide, Stake Vukay, a geologist from Shkodra, was unfamiliar with that part of the route. The first day took 15 hours, ending with a night on the floor in a deserted house, and the third day, the walk from Çurraj to Lekbibaj, was another 12 hour day, ending in the dark. However, for those who like to travel on foot through wild, remote landscape of high mountains and deep wooded gorges of roaring rivers this was magnificent, and there was a welcoming family there.

Petrit was right. Çurraj Eperm is unique. It is a village of maybe 200 houses, stone built with wood shingle roofs, a church, a school, a water mill, a hydro-electric plant, two rickety bridges and carefully terraced fields for
hay and corn, all spread over a bowl of land about 4km square at a height of 800 metres between two impassable gorges on the Çurraj river. There was never a road to Çurraj; access was on foot or horse from Theth, they say in 8 hours, or from Lekbibaj in 6 or 7 hours. It seems now that only two homes are lived in all year and two or three families return there from the cities for the ‘summer’, between May and November. Until 5 or 6 years ago here had been a whole but declining community, with their sheep, cows, pigs, hens, horses and bees, living off the land and in harmony with it. It is a stunning location, a hauntingly beautiful but near deserted place, the empty houses still full of furniture, even clothes on their pegs, and all the traditional tools and equipment for growing and cultivating crops, tending bees and making raki.

Questions and answers:
• Would this be a good way to finish a Peja to Shkodra trek? No, not until the track from Theth has been remade and waymarked and local guides are available.
• Should Çurraj Eperm be included in the BPPP? Yes, if Valbona is to be included, so should this valley system.
• Could and should Çurraj Eperm be preserved in some way, with a heritage status and efforts made to enable more families to live there, for part of the year at least? Ideally, yes, and Petrit should be supported in his desire to achieve this but one can hardly expect it to be within Albania’s current priorities. A visionary philanthropic benefactor with a long term commitment and lots of money is needed. Any offers?!

The journey down the Drin gorge is also unique, for its dramatic scenery and the boat itself, literally an old 40 seater coach mounted on a metal barge, with its wheels removed and its engine driving a propeller.

[06/11/15]   Dear loving nature and followers of Page High -Albania Tours .

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[06/10/15]   High - Albani Tours , has a great eksperince in tourism and mainly at the alpine .We focus of our work is promotion of adventure tourism or other words non - extreme sports like bicycle trekking , hiking etc .

Very Fast in this page you will find , package tours for visiting the Alps ecological villages .

Upper Curraj , Vabone , Cerem , Salce Brise , Apribe Raja Stone Cave .etj.

Lepushe , Tamara , Vukël , Nikç , Velipoje .

Theth Razem , Rec , Pulaj Rrjodhe , Deaf , Brashte Nenplep apples winnow , neck Thane , Bobo Villgar .

[06/07/15]   Mauntain’s trekking........

Day 1: Shkoder – Theth (4 hours driving time)
After early breakfast we drive towards Lake Shkoder in Koplik and then turn to the right through lavender fields before starting to climb through stunning limestone mountains . Once the road reaches Boga village, we twist and turn past breathtaking scenery and arrive at the mountain village of Theth in the middle of the Thethi National Park, passing through the neck of Thore. After unloading our discovery equipment we will take a familiarization tour of the village lasting between 3-5 hours, staring with the church of Thethi originally built in 1892, rebuilt and reroofed in 2005. Roughly opposite the church across a field is the “Kulla e ngujimit” or “Lock-in Tower” which can be seen only from outside, testimony to a system of rigid and cruel codes to the modern visitors, but which has regulated an isolated lifestyle in these far away mountains, for centuries. Another inaccessible monument inside, the old water-mill, situated just below the tower was used by the locals to grind corn. Then we walk up the mill, following a path that leads to the waterfall Grunas (25-30 minute walk) until we see the magnificent waterfall Grunas to the left in a deep pool, and crystal clear water of it is so cold that any thoughts of a swim, after the visit to the waterfall, you will receive walking path to go down to tearing Gerlës Bridge, with a stunning canyon of Thethit which is located below the bridge with geries 2 and 30 m above the canyon. , Visit the canyon will probably be moved into the village and mikorhidrocentralit near the wooden bridge that connects the village neighborhoods (Gjecajve bridge). Overnight at local guest house in the village Theth

Day 2: Theth – Valbona (no driving)
Walk to Valbona through some of the wildest scenery into the Tropoje District, known as the home of Albanian folk culture. We walk for about 8 hours through forests and alpine pastures and from Valbona pass (1950m), we take a few moments to enjoy the spectacular views down Valbona and Theth Valley. As we pass Valbona River, some beautiful waterfalls and the quaint village of Rragam, our luggage is transported by horse to the next guesthouse.
The National Park of Valbona valley is situated 30 kilometres north-west of the town of Bajram Curri. It has a surface of about 8,000 hectares. This park is considered a miracle of the Albanian Alps offering an amazing diversity in shapes, forms, colours, flora and fauna. The forests and pastures, the rivers and alpine lakes, the miscellaneous flowers, the characteristic houses and the hospitality of the inhabitants altogether create a unique place which can be explored on different levels. Our journey of today will provide you with plenty of material to satisfy your senses and brag about to friends and family. During the communism period , only members of the government, locals and authorized forest technicians and a handful of important visitors from foreign countries with which Albania had political relations – such as Russia, Bulgaria, Poland - were allowed to enter this region needed a special authorization from the government.
Luckily the beauty of Valbona is nowadays available for all to explore and respect. Overnight at local guest house.
Day 3: Valbona (no driving)
Our route today takes us through beech and pine forests down Rosi Peak and leads us onto the “White Circle”, where we enjoy panoramic views across the peaks and valleys of the Albanian Alps (approx. 6 hours walk). Valbona Valley is part of Tropoja district which in turn falls under the Albanian Alps with numerous mountains reaching a height of above 2,000 meters. There are mountainous massifs like the Eastern Block of Jezerca (its peak is 2,694 meters high). The Block of Maja e Hekurave (2,561 m) is distinguished for its asymmetric slopes and the peak which has a conical form. Shkelzeni peak (2,407 m) lies among the tectonic formations and has a pyramidal shape. The ridge is covered with forests of oaks, beech wood and some conifers up to the carbonic slopes whereas on the top there are some alpine pastures. Overnight at local guest house.
Day 4
Valbona- Fireza – Koman Lake – Shkodra – Shkodra Lake – Velipoja .
Roughly two hours, the trip offers spectacular, scenic views. Lacking the sight of cities and villages, only solitary houses can be seen in the middle of vast mountains. There are two ferries that run daily and allow locals and tourist alike to share the same experience of the
lake and neighboring mountains. One ferry holds cars and is a larger barge. The other is a boat that is mainly used by locals being dropped off into their remote villages.
It's an amazing sight of sheer cliffs and rolling mountains on the narrow, twisting lake with clear water. It is an unusual sight to see residents make something out of the difficult terrain, supporting their livelihood far, far away from schools, hospitals and other people. Throughout the trip, you can see lonely houses on top of the hills, or nearer to the lake, far from the previous and the next house, Overnight at Local Guest Houses in Velipoja.

What is included

• Transport schedule.
• Entry tickets under the program .
• Professional Guide
• Experienced Local Guide
• Accommodation with breakfast in the hotel or house adapted for visitors .
• Lunch and Dinner
• Water along the way .
• Walking to the area led by program .
• Binoculars to see the birds and animals .
• Disk files to be made along the way .

• Beverages Alcoolike .
BACKGROUND OF the tour :
Resorts and guided tours according to program
• " Tower of isolation "
• " Valbona valley "
• Church Thethit
• The Grunas Canyon
• Koman Lake
• Buna Delta , Reserve , etc.
• Guide Interpreter
• Guide with experience in leadership,
food quality
• Lunch and Dinner
special for vegetarians . If time is not too hot , the food can be served on the veranda from where you can enjoy a wonderful panorama of the valley Shales .
Sit'ju have to share accommodation Chambers
Theth guests , they have been adapted to the requirements of European visitors and have modern bathrooms and beds already warm and comfortable . There is running water and hot . Thethi have electricity . Communication : AMC Eagle Vodafone covers telephone service in the area .

We recommend
1 . Clothing Supplement ( pullover /
2 . Shoes for walking long practice .
3 . Recommend to obtain a lotion / cream
and we 're going to Theth within ultrasound.

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