Museo Madre Teresa

Museo Madre Teresa - il Museo del Dialogo, perchè promuove l'incontro tra culture e religioni diverse. The Museum of Mother Teresa will be inaugurated on the 4th of September 2016, in Durazzo (Albania); on the same date Mother Teresa will be declared Saint by Francis Pope and an Exhibition will be organized in Parma (Italy), it will be a summary of the Museum.

The Museum is located in the main square of Durazzo, close to the most important Mosque of the city, the location is already an extraordinary message of dialogue between different religious. Also the view give us an important occasion to reflect and to think on the significant and on the values of different religious. An access point will be installed along the Museum way and it will permit to visit the web site of the others Museum and Institutions in the world that promote the dialogue, the solidarity, the meeting between people and the refuse of any intolerance. The access point connects an intranet network, a really and true Dialogue network, that links, for example, Gandhi Museum in India, the Tolerance Museum in Los Angeles, the Holocaust Museum in Israel, the Jordan National Museum in Amman, the People’s History Museum in Manchester, Nelson’s Mandela Museum in South Africa, Martin Luther King Historic site in U.S.A. but also the Olympic Museum in Losanna (Switzerland) like one of the peaceful symbol of meeting between people…and many others. Like all the important Museum, also Mother Teresa Museum, has a long history: during these years, many people and Associations have cooperated to this project. Everybody has given a contribute and has added something to the Museum for example an image, a document, writings: now all these things are a small treasury of knowledge. The most important contribute has been given by Vatican Archive, Rai, Mediaset and Rizzoli Corriere della Sera. The Museum has the official Vatican’s patronage, obtained when this project was born: with the support of all religious confessions, it contributes to underline with energy his essence of Dialogue Museum. The letter undersigned by the representatives of all the Albanian religious confessions, like Catholic, Muslim and Orthodox confirms the interreligious dialogue of this project. The Museum promotes in three different languages (English, Albanian and Italian), the life and the work of Mother Teresa, throw the most significant documentations and writings concern her origin and her history and it shows her extraordinary social attitude throw several depositions, videos and images realized by the most important photographers and directors that have followed her like Podestà, Morihiro, Collopy. The Museum is organized with a long gallery in which there are fixed explanatory panels: the access point and the touch screen that permit to view the videos are placed in others zones. The Museum exposes Mother Teresa’s scripts (letters, poems, prayers), images, photos of the most important photographers in the world and interviews of people that have met her. Our purpose is to enrich the Museum with news documents and images taken by the countries in which she has operated and where she has created her homeless shelter. The most significant images of the Museum are visible also outside the Museum, in the gallery section that looks directly on the beautiful central square of Durazzo city. An innovative solution, a sort of another message of communication, of participation that well represent Mother Teresa’s spirit.


Eppela crowdfunding dal volto umano

Il Museo Madre Teresa è un'iniziativa italo-albanese: nasce col patrocinio del Vaticano e dei Premi Nobel per la Pace e ha sede a Durazzo (Albania, Paese d'origine di questa grande figura).

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E' il Museo del dialogo perchè promuovere soprattutto il messaggio e l'impegno di Madre Teresa a favore dell'incontro tra culture e religioni diverse. Anche la sua sede, vicino ad una Moschea, è già di per sè uno straordinario messaggio di dialogo.
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Museo Madre Teresa




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