Holidays and Tours in Albania, Durrës Video February 1, 2019, 2:17pm

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National park of Divjake-Karavasta.
Come and visit Albania with us!

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HADRIANOPOLIS - summer and winter. Illyrian City of the 3rd century B.C. Excavation by the University of Macerata prof. Roberto Perna.

OLEN CESARI great Italian-Albanian violinist here at a concert on the Island of Elba at 27 April, with piano accompaniment by the South African Michael Brodi. Olen boasts collaborations with many Italian and world artists including his majesty Luciano Pavarotti.

The Orthodox Byzantine monastery of Ardenica is an artistic monument that is also proposed as a surprising synthesis of the history of Albania. It suffered the closure during the communist regime that had proclaimed Albania an atheist state. Yet it is above all famous among the Albanians because in its little church of the Trinity was made the marriage between the national hero Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeu and Donika Arianiti was celebrated in 1451. It was founded in 1282 along the Via Egnazia by the Byzantine emperor of the time. Over the centuries it has been a seminar for the formation of the Orthodox pope, a high school with attached student house, a place of teaching and conservation of the literary Albanian language, home to a large library rich in thirty-two thousand volumes, an art gallery of the eighteenth-century Renaissance.

Tour in Albania
Visit Albania with us from 6 to 10 July for the price of €.380 for person. Book your trip now! We'll show you the best of this country.

Road strech of the Ionian coast towards Saranda

We’ve organized a tour to cherish what Albanian people did during the Second World War, saving thousands of Jews from deportation to the extermination camps...

Permet - also known as the city of roses, a city that has many attractions, especially the thermal waters that are highly curative and recommended by doctors. These are located on the Langarica Canyon, attracting hundreds of tourists from all over the world every year. #visitalbaniawithus

Amantia Archaeological Park was founded in the fifth century BC, it covers an area of 13 ha. Amantia occupied an important defensive position. In the 3rd century BC, Amantia was economically dominant and coined its own currency. It was surrounded by walls more than two kilometers long. It had its own acropolis and a temple dedicated to Aphrodite in Doric style built in the 3rd century BC. C. The best preserved monument is the stadium, about sixty meters long, could accommodate about four thousand people. Amantia until the abandonment occurred towards the end of the sixth century D.C. gradually lost its strategic and economic importance and became a small urban center that in the early Christian era was a bishop's seat.

National park of Divjake-Karavasta. Come and visit Albania with us!

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Durazzo 28 Febbraio 2018
Durazzo una bufera di neve siberiana, per il secondo anno consecutivo anche qui neve.

Thermal water of Benje, Permet
The thermal waters in the village of Benje #Permet

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