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Orbit Travel & Tours is the leading travel management company in Afghanistan, we would like to invite you at Orbit Travel & Tours services for ASI 24/7 around the world, we are the only the local leading travel company in Afghanistan as fowling are our be

Mission: Orbit Travel & Tours is a market leader in providing tailor-made holiday packages and is also in position to cater for the needs of incentive and group travel

Assuring You Of Our Fast & Reliable Services, Always.

Orbit Travel Tours

اربټ مسافرتی شرکت ده ترکش هوایی شرکت له خوا ده ۲۰۱۴ کال یو له هغو شرکتونو نه و پیژندل شو چی ډیری هوایی ټکټونه یی ده (ترکش ارلاین) په یاد شوی کال کی خرڅ کړی دی! ده دی ویاړ اصلی حقداران ده اربټ شرکت کارکونکو ته مبارکی وایم.

شرکت توریستی اربت از نظر فروشات تکتهای شرکت هوایی ترکش (ترکش ارلاین) برای سال ۲۰۱۴ خویش، یکی از بهترین شرکت های توریستی شناخته شد.
این دستاورد را به حق داران واقعی آن که کارمندان شرکت توریستی اربت تبریک میگویم.

We thank you to all our collaborators, partners and friends for your support and collaboration during 2014 allowing us to increase, extend and improve our company, products and services. We hope that we will count also with your valuable collaboration and friendship during 2015 permitting to strengthen our relationship. We will keep ourselves working for offering the most innovative & competitive prices you have ever seen .

Kam Air

Kam Air is the largest Privately owned Airline of Afghanistan, established on 14 AUG 2003.
IATA code (RQ) ICAO code (KMF)

Purchasing tickets ? why not to get tickets from airline owned and operated by Afghans ?


Safi Airways

Best Airline operating within & from AFG .

Safi Airways is Afghanistan’s privately-owned International Airline & the only Afghan carrier compliant with IOSA & EASA Safety Audits

Enjoy Safi Airways 43rd UAE National Day celebratory fare from USD43!

43rd UAE National Day Celebratory Fare

Promotional Offer Reference No: 4QUND – 1114-1214 - 00005

To commemorate the 43rd National Day of UAE, we are offering a celebratory fare of $43* on our Dubai – Kabul route.
Book by the 6th of December 2014 and enjoy our special fare.


*Starting one-way fare, tax and surcharge not included;
Available only through Safi Airways Ticketing Offices-- click here for contact details.
Terms and conditions apply.
Terms and Conditions:

1. Promotion valid on Dubai – Kabul sector only.

2. Promotional Fare validity: From 28th November 2014 to 6th of December 2014.

3. Travel validity: From 28th November 2014 up to 31st December 2014.

4. Promotional offer cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or special fares on the specified route.

5. Fares are non-inclusive of taxes and fuel surcharges.

6. All fares are subject to availability at the time of booking.

7. Amendment and cancellation penalties may apply and will vary depending on class of travel.

8. 4Q General Conditions of Carriage apply.

flights started by Kamair to Kandahar at a reasonable fare as USD 89/- per segment

Good News to all passengers traveling to Kandahar now

Our Safi Airways Facebook family has reached over 50,000 members. On this happy occasion, we will be giving away free* return tickets to any Safi Airways destinations through a Facebook-only contest. Please stay tuned!

Happy to hear this ? Kamair relaunching its flights to UAE with new aircrafts

Orbit Travel & Tours (2014)

Our legacy of over 4 years has led us to understand and have the knowledge to provide special negotiated airfare and expert travel services to your commendable causes around the world.

The Orbit approach begins with our exclusive offering of discounted humanitarian airfare with over 30 different airlines.

Our international travel consultants are dedicated and committed to providing expert international travel planning for both individuals and group travelers on every part of the globe.

Allow us the honor to ‘Serve You as You Serve the World’.

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[03/01/14]   Congratulations to all Afghans for the victory of Afghanistan over Bangladesh

[02/14/14]   IATA Training and Development Institute (ITDI)

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Our goal is to accommodate all your travel needs at the lowest possible price.

We specialize in finding the best offers for flights, packages, hotels and cars for individual, business and corporate travel.

Expert knowledge also includes arrangements for transportation in medical emergencies, stretchers can be provided.

Wholesale prices and last minute deals are always available. Do not hesitate to contact us for special assistance while booking through our online access. Our knowledgeable agents will provide you fast, courteous and individualized service for all your travel needs.

Please consider us for your immediate travel needs; contact us today or bookmark our site for tomorrow.



Orbit Travel Tours

KYRGYZSTAN visa available at soonest possible time (Maximum 2 days) at a very cheaper rate

please contact us if needed E : [email protected]

Well Said : "Travel Teaches tolerance"

KYRGYZSTAN visa available at soonest possible time (Maximum 2 days) at a very cheaper rate

please contact us if needed E : [email protected]

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Orbit provides all its clients with a 24-hour, 7-day service so you can relax knowing we are here for you – no matter where you are in the world.

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Greetings From Orbit Travel Tours CEO (Ahmad Farid Safazada) !
wishing you all happy and Allah's blessed snowing days & nights and hope all flight gets operated with no tension and discomfort .

Notification from Spice Jet (Provided to you by Orbit Travel) :

It is to be informed you all that our operation timing has been changed as below detail since 01st Feb 14 so we are requesting from our all respected client to kindly advise all passenger to be at airport 3hrs before prior to the departure to avoid passengers to become no-show.

SG 22 KBL - 11:20 to DEL - 14:20
SG 21 DEL - 9:20 to KBL - 10:20

Thanks a lot for your always cooperation with Spice Jet

Good Evening Every one !

Orbit Travel and Tours wishes you all best appetite with delicious meals of Airlines so keep traveling as life is a Journey and keep contacting us for any ticket query .

Please contact us for Travel Insurance with following famous companies in Afghanistan :

0093(0) 791707070

Aviation News: Airline, Aviation MRO, Airports News | Avia Time


aviatime.com Aviation news source: airline news, aviation MRO, commercial aviation, business aviation, military aviation, airport news

Greetings From Orbit Travel & Tours !
Hope Every one has started a Happy Morning

Rutan Voyager :

The Rutan Model 76 Voyager was the first aircraft to fly around the world without stopping or refueling. It was piloted by Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager. The flight took off from Edwards Air Force Base's 15,000 foot (4,600 m) long runway in the Mojave Desert on December 14, 1986, and ended 9 days, 3 minutes and 44 seconds later on December 23, setting a flight endurance record. The aircraft flew westerly 26,366 statute miles (42,432 km; the FAI accredited distance is 40,212 km)[1] at an average altitude of 11,000 feet (3,350 m). This broke a previous flight distance record set by a United States Air Force crew piloting a Boeing B-52 that flew 12,532 miles (20,168 km) in 1962.

Design and development

The aircraft was first imagined by Jeana Yeager, Dick Rutan, and Dick's brother Burt Rutan as they were at lunch in 1981. The initial idea was first sketched out on the back of a napkin. Voyager was built in Mojave, California, over a period of five years. The Voyager was built mainly by a group of volunteers working under both the Rutan Aircraft Factory and an organization set up under the name Voyager Aircraft.

The airframe, largely made of fiberglass, carbon fiber and Kevlar, weighed 939 pounds (426 kg) when empty. With the engines included, the unladen weight of the plane was 2250 lb (1020.6 kg). However, when it was fully loaded before the historic flight, it weighed 9,694.5 pounds (4,397 kg) due to the large amount of fuel required for the long-distance flight.[2] The aircraft had an estimated lift to drag ratio (L/D) of 27.[3] The canard and wing airfoils were custom designed and the aircraft was analyzed using computational fluid dynamics.[4] Vortex generators were added to the canard, to reduce sensitivity to surface contamination.[5]

Voyager had front and rear propellers, powered by separate engines. It was originally flown on June 22 1984 powered by Lycoming O-235 engines with fixed-pitch propellers.[6] In November 1985, the aircraft was rolled out, fitted with the world-flight engines, an air-cooled Teledyne Continental O-240 in the forward location and a water-cooled Teledyne Continental IOL-200 in the aft location.[7] Both were fitted with electrically actuated MT-Propellers.[8] The plan was for the rear engine to be operated throughout the flight. The front engine was intended to provide additional power for takeoff and the initial part of the flight at heavy weights.

On July 15, 1986, Rutan and Yeager completed a test flight, off of the coast of California, in which they flew for 111 hours and 44 minutes, traveling 11,857 statute miles (19,093 km).[9] The first attempt at this flight was marred by the failure of a propeller pitch change motor and they had to make an emergency landing at Vandenberg Air Force Base.[10] On a test flight on September 29, 1986, the airplane had to make an emergency landing due to a propeller blade departing the aircraft.[11] As a result, a decision was made to switch to Hartzell hydraulically actuated propellers.[12] In a crash program, Hartzell made custom propellers for the aircraft, which were first flown on November 15, 1986

World flight :

Voyager's world flight takeoff took place on the longest runway at Edwards AFB at 8:01 am local time on December 14, 1986, with 3,500 of the world's press in attendance.[15] As the plane accelerated, the tips of the wings, which were heavily loaded with fuel, were damaged as they scraped against the runway, ultimately causing pieces (winglets) to break off at both ends. (The pilot had wanted to gain enough speed that the inner wings, rather than the fragile outer wings, would lift the plane; in 67 test flights, the plane had never been loaded to capacity.) The aircraft accelerated very slowly and needed approximately 14,200 feet (2.7 mi)(4.3 km) of the runway to gain enough speed to lift from the ground, the wings arching up dramatically just before take-off. During the flight, the two pilots had to deal with extremely cramped quarters. To reduce stress, the two had originally intended to fly the plane in three-hour shifts, but flight handling characteristics prevented routine changeovers and they became very fatigued.


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Safi Airways.aero | The International Airline of Afghanistan

Subject: Safi Airways to Launch “Saffron Rewards” (Customer Loyalty Program)
Safi Airways will launch its innovative Saffron Rewards Loyalty Rewards program to all its frequent fliers.

Passengers traveling after the 1st of February 2014 will be entitled to qualify for free tickets. Safi Airways has come up with a straight forward transparent rewards program where customers can submit their boarding card stubs for tickets. The rewards will qualify passengers who travel after the 1st of February 2014 to the 31st of January 2015. Ticket can be bought prior to the 1st of February 2014.
Passengers can cash in their boarding stubs for tickets. 07 boarding stubs will qualify for a one way ticket and 11 boarding stubs for a return ticket to any Safi Airways destination.

The class of travel will be determined, business or economy class as per the passengers boarding stub’s class of travel.

Passenger names on the boarding stubs have to be the same on all boarding stub’s and flown for qualification. Passengers will have to pay the relevant government taxes.
Safi Airways is a full service carrier operating a two cabin configuration, business and economy class with a modern fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft.
The airline currently operates to Dubai, Delhi, and Islamabad on the international sector, Herat and Mazar e Sharif on the domestic sector. By the beginning of 2014 the airline intends to fly to several more new international destinations.
For more information visit www.safiairways.com Saffron Rewards.

Good day

Saffron Rewards Coordinator

safiairways.com Official website of Safi Airways: Book online international and regional flights to Afghanistan. Enjoy our great services and low fares!

Orbit Travel & Tours now can assist you with getting free tickets of Safi Airways if you have collected your boarding passes effective 1st Feb 2014

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[12/15/13]   Our New branch in Mazar-e-sharif
address : Bander-e-tashqurght, beside ibrahimzada market Mazar-e-sharif
contact number : 0729414141 0729424242

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Emiratis first flight today landed in Kabul International airport

[11/28/13]   Safi Airways start there Herat Dehli Herat flight

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