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Kabul is the capital & largest city of Afghanistan. It is also capital of Kabul Province. Kabul is the 64th largest & 5th fastest growing city in the world. Kabul is over 3,500 years old, many empires have long fought over the valley for its strategic location along the trade routes of South and Central Asia. Between 1504 and 1526 AD, it served as the capital of Babur, founder of the Mughal Empire. It remained under the rule of the Mughal Emperors as the western capital until 1738 when Nader Shah and his Afsharid forces seized it from the Mughals. After the death of Nader Shah Afsharid in 1747, the city fell to Ahmad Shah Durrani, who added it to his new Afghan Empire. In 1776, Timur Shah Durrani made it the capital of the modern state of Afghanistan. It was invaded several times by neighboring British-Indian forces during the Anglo-Afghan wars in the 19th century. King Amanullah Khan got full independence from British in 1919 and began to modernize the city. Kabul University opened in 1932 and soon was linked to both European and American universities, as well as universities in other Muslim countries in the field of Islamic studies. The city witnessed many ups and downs. The beautiful city was ruined during ongoing was of more than 3 decades. The new Administration after 2001 which toppled the Taliban has done a lot for reconstruction of the city and now it's growing all all fields (construction, agriculture, business). The city serves as the nation's cultural and learning center. Kabul has many historical sites.

مکرویان چهارم ساختمان عزیزی :)

Timeline Photos

BBC Pashto

په کابل کې د کاکا او ورېرو تر منځ‌ د واورې لوبه... کاکا يې ښه ستړی کړی دی.. دغه ویډیو شعیب احمد دانش (کاکا) زموږ سره شریکه کړې.. ورېرو هم ورته سم اتفاق کړی. 😄☃️☃️

BBC News فارسی

مرتضی، مسی افغانستان به آرزویش که دیدار با مسی بود، رسید. او مسی آرژانتین را در افتتاحیه بازی تدارکاتی بارسلونا و الاهلی عربستان در دوحه قطر همراهی کرد و آنقدر با او ماند که داور مجبور شد برای شروع بازی او را بغل کند و به بیرون از زمین ببرد. :)
بیشتر در این مورد بخوانید: http://bbc.in/2hpCInO
ویدیو از رویترز

History In Pictures

Afghanistan in the 1960s.

Kabul Jan


Governmnet must find a way to help them and have a budget for this.

Children in Afghanistan are forced into hard labor just to make a living for their families

باغ بابر

Shamsia Hassani


Love Afghanistan Page

اگر کمک نمیتوانید برای ثواب به اشتراک بگذارید تا دوستان که توان کمک را دارند کمک کنند تشکر

نوت: دوستانیکه میخواهند این را فامیل کمک کنند
شماره تماس اش این است :لیلامحمدنبی 0093706724459


Kabul's Ruined Palace to Get a New Life


nbcnews.com Decades of fighting that left this European-style palace abandoned in Afghanistan sees glimmer of hope with new talks of restoration.


Muhammad Ali In Afghanistan

17 November 2002 - Muhammad Ali, UN Messenger for Peace, was greeted at Kabul airport at the beginning of a three-day visit to Afghanistan organized by the UNICEF and the World Food Programme (WFP).

RIP legend

Moments of Truth: Sports - Vol. 5 The true wide wide world of sports...From Football to Cricket to Waterpolo, come look at some of the most exciting pastimes...

Press TV

See how this disabled girl has become a symbol of hope for Afghan people:


An Iranian artist is turning killing machines into beautiful works of art in Afghanistan.


An Iranian artist is turning killing machines into beautiful works of art in Afghanistan.

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Pajhwok Afghan News

شهر کابل از زاویه دوربین هلیکوپترهای که امروز در پروازهای نمایشی قوای هوایی افغانستان شرکت کرده بودند.

Daily Mail

#Kabul #Afghanistan

Short skirts, flash cars and no burkas

Pajhwok Afghan News

نماى از شهر کابل
د کابل ښار ځينې څنډې
د Mati Baig له پاڼې څخه
عکاس : بشير احمد

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Afghanistan's marathon woman – video

theguardian.com Earlier this month, 25-year-old Zainab took part in Afghanistan’s first official marathon, held in Bamiyan. The pioneering female runner talks about her training, her experiences, the opposition she faces when participating in sport, and her hopes to inspire other women and engender change


PRAY for Aghanistan in this time of need! I'm with you my friends!

U.S. Embassy Kabul

In 1958, Prime Minister Mohammed Daoud became the first Afghan to speak before the U.S. Congress. During his presentation he emphasized the importance of U.S.-Afghan relations. #throwbackthursday


Afghan Girl Nominated For Children’s Peace Prize
دختر ۱۴ساله‌ی افغان نامزد دریافت جایزه صلح حقوق کودکان شد

The Kabul Times

Photo of the day!
World, in particular Afghanistan mark the World Teacher Day at the time where the teachers receive the lowest salary and the country’s outskirt schools lack building and other essential facilities.
The photo shows a teacher holds an outdoor class in outskirt of Mehtarlam of Laghman province.

Seeta Qasemie

روز سوم عيد چند ساعتي را در يكي از پرورشگاه هاي كابل با اطفال نازنين سپري كردم از من خواهش كردند تا آهنگ يا مولا را زمزمه كنم و با هم يكجا زمزمه كرديم :)

Love Afghanistan Page

مرسلِ ده ساله سرپرستی یک خانوادۀ هفت نفری را بدوش دارد. مرسل یکی از صد ها کودک است که فقر، تنگدستی و جبر زمان خوشی های دوران کودکی را از وی گرفته است.
مرسل در منطقه واصل آباد شهر کابل زنده گی می کند.
اگر می خواهید با این خانواده کمک کنید با این شماره در تماس شوید: 0093729829056 شما می توانید کمک تانرا خود تان شخصاً به این فامیل تسلیم کنید.
گرفته شده از برگه رادیو آزادی


The Kabul college turning street children into musicians - an audio-visual tour

#Kabul #Afghanistan

theguardian.com Souvid Datta’s audio-visual tour of the Kabul college that offers street children the chance of a better life

Mobile Uploads

ICC - International Cricket Council

The sun sets in Afghanistan over a game of cricket on the outskirts of Jalalabad #ShotOfTheDay

A boy climbs onto a fence while playing in Kabul, Afghanistan on Thursday 3 September.

U.S. Embassy Kabul


Proud to be Afghan https://youtu.be/nXE-h_NHq1g

I wish #happiness and #peace for all #Afghan children.

Explosion (suicide attack) this afternoon in #Kabul near Shinozada clinic, Macrorayan 4. Killing innocent civilians.
Enough is enough! When is it going to stop?


Amanullah khan 1919 شاه امان الله خان شاه افغانستان

King Amanullah khan and Malika Surya 1919

Steve McCurry - Official Page

Turquoise Mountain is an organization in Afghanistan dedicated to reviving historic neighborhoods, training Afghan craftsmen in traditional arts and architecture, creating jobs, and developing a renewed sense of national pride for Afghan men and women.

They have just been nominated for an international sustainable development award by the Global Sourcing Council. The winner will be announced at the upcoming UN General Assembly.We invite you to show your support by voting for them.


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In the streets of Kabul - A tour through the city HD

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http://www.gotravelyourway.com - http://www.instagram.com/gotravelyourway Soundtrack: www.soundcloud.com/wendholt A tour through the streets of Kabul featuri...

Mobile Uploads

Massoud Square

KABUL JAN's cover photo

#Eid Mubarak

Teenagers on the way to school. #Herat #Afghanistan Photo by Morteza Herati @mortezaherati #everydayherat #everydayafghanistan #everydayasia #everydayeverywhere #school #girls #dailylife
دختران جوان در راه رفتن به مكتب. #هرات #افغانستان عكاس: مرتضى هراتى

Wais Barakzai

I do not own any of these photos

U.S. Embassy Kabul

Can you name this location in Afghanistan? Ask your friends to join in! #AfghanistanYouNeverSee

Photo Credit: Zhakfar Hosaini

I made a short video clip of #Kabul Jan centre of the city on my trip on 30-06-2015.
#Afghan #Afghanistan


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