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Kabul Lodge is a simple “Afghan Hospitality Home” in Kabul Afghanistan Kabul Lodge is a simple “Afghan Hospitality Home. We are proud to be a pioneer of the Accommodation industry in Afghanistan.

We started the first private guest house in Kabul in October 2010 and rapidly grew to one of the most prestigious names –‘Kabul Lodge.’ This name was the foundation for our business, which is based on security and economy. ‘Kabul lodge’ is a name you can trust for your short or long-term stay. We have guests who have stayed with us for over three years. The name ‘Kabul lodge’ is trusted by many or

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Inside Afghanistan: Searching For Lost Buddhas In The Bamiyan Valley | Timeline 10/06/2021

Inside Afghanistan: Searching For Lost Buddhas In The Bamiyan Valley | Timeline

Inside Afghanistan: Searching For Lost Buddhas In The Bamiyan Valley | Timeline Afghanistan is not so much a country as a series of shifting borders. A place with no easily definable physical or civil boundaries. A place where war is an ...

Photos from ‎BBC News فارسی‎'s post 15/02/2021

Photos from ‎BBC News فارسی‎'s post


The Shashpul Caravanserai


Mayar Nooristani میار نورستاني

گفتگوی والی صاحب حافظ عبدالقیوم در برنامه بامداد خوش تلویزیون طلوع در باره ولایت نورستان.


VOA Dari

نورستان پارك ملى افغانستان مى شود.
حافظ عبدالقيوم، والى نورستان با نشر اين تصاوير از طبيعت سرشار آن ولايت در فيسبوك نگاشته است كه امروز نورستان پارك ملى افغانستان شناخته مى شود.


The people of Afghanistan

Nuristan is the most picturesque province of Afghanistan. Panoramic views of the spectacular mountains and the clean and beautiful rivers. #Afghanistan🇦🇫


Lovely Afghani product ❤️

Wear timeless, chic and classy jewelry with Veezha. Order Hadia pendent with Rose Quartz in gold plated silver.


RTA Dari

✅ Your provider of tours services

➡️ KabulKarGroup.com

کلالی - ساخت ظروف سفالی - از جمله صنعت قدیمی مردم افغانستان است که علاقمندان زیادی دارد. اینجا در تخار اما مردم از نابودی این صنعت ابراز نگرانی می‌کنند.


Setara Dry Fruits & Nuts Processing

Walnuts are the top nut for brain health. They have a significantly high concentration of DHA, a type of Omega-3 fatty acid. Among other things, DHA has been shown to protect brain health in newborns, improve cognitive performance in adults, and prevent or ameliorate age-related cognitive decline.
چهارمغز بهترین غذا برای سلامتی مغز است. و بهترین منابع DHA را دارد که DHA از سلامت مغز در نوزادان محافظت می کند ، در بزرگ سالان عملکرد مغز را بهبود می بخشد.
#setaradryfruits #walnuts #brain #nutrition #DHA #protect


Buy From Afghanistan

Tourmaline of Nuristan.

God's gift to Afghanistan.


Rebuilding Afghanistan with trade not donations.

📸 Star Minerals | IG


❤️ Love our pure fresh fruits 📢

➡️ your organizer of Tour guide in Afghanistan 🔥

Figs of Nangarhar!


Fruit basket of South Asia. Support producers of Afghanistan.



In order to continue our projects safely, we’ve provided all involved with information and advice about #COVID19, along with a protective mask, hand-washing stations and temperature checks.

Qiam is one of the hundreds of Afghans we've hired to help restore land back to productive use for their local communities, providing him with a vital source of income during #lockdown. Read his story: https://bit.ly/2ZRcQY9



اثر هنری یک شرکت کوریایی در شهر سیول. عجیب نیست؟


Artisan & Fox

We're proud to partner with Turquoise Mountain and use our platform to highlight rich stories about Afghan craftsmanship and heritage.

Turquoise Mountain is an NGO that is reviving the historic craft traditions of Afghanistan by training young people and supporting artisan businesses. Their important work includes re-generating the Murad Khani, the Old City of Kabul, as well as reviving the Afghan arts and crafts sector.

Learn more about their mission in our latest blog post. We also spoke to artisan Ansar - the mastermind behind our Minaret of Jam Collection.

To read: (https://www.artisanandfox.com/blog/fieldnotes-afghanistan)


کابل من

یادی از گذشته افغانستان کابل زمانی که صلح صمیمیت و برادری بود. ❤️


تمدن و فرهنگ جاغوری

آب بازی
بند گُلی انگوری
از این بند حتما دیدن نمائید و اگر آب بازی میکنید بسیار دقت کنید


آشپزی افغانی Afghans Cooking

دوست دارید همراه چی کسی در دل این طبیعت رفته عید را جشن بگیرید؟
منشنش کنید که در سالهای آینده بخیر شمارا آنجا ببرد.
امسال که بخاطر کرونای خانه خراب کس از خانه خود هم بیرون شده نمی تواند.

دوبی شهر خلیفه ها


Turquoise Mountain

"I enjoy working with wood to bring old traditions back to life - making the ancient relevant to the modern world" - Khadija, woodcarver

#woodcarving #wood #craft #handmade #tradition #ancient #modern #heritage #artisans #supportingartisans #afghanistan



A benevolent resemblance of beauty in your abodes. This beautiful Horse Cart is made from genuine Lapis Lazuli of Badakhshan province. If you are searching for a taste in beauty, you have to taste it with the combination of arts and stones of Afghanistan in this Horse Cart.



Buy From Afghanistan

Emeralds of Panjshir!

God's gift to Afghanistan.


Rebuilding Afghanistan with trade not donations.


UNICEF Afghanistan

#UNICEFAfghanistan wishes you a safe and healthy Eid Fitr amid #COVID19 pandemic. #EidFitrMubarak #ForEveryChild


Turquoise Mountain

Nuristani carved coasters in walnut.

Nuristani carving is a traditional technique of shallow relief carving, and has been practised in the eastern mountains of Afghanistan for hundreds of years. Turquoise Mountain supported artisans in Kabul are helping to ensure the survival of this craft and are creating coasters, bookends and other decorative household items in the Nuristani style.

#craft #history #tradition #heritage #culture #handmade #artisans #woodcarvers #supportingartisans #afghanistan #kabul 📸: Sophia Massarella


Artisan & Fox

The warm hues of summer with peridot, garnet, and citrine crystals. Ethically handmade by artisan the Saeeda - the LALE Pendant Necklace paints a picture of the colours of Afghanistan in the form of an iconic 'tulip.'


صرافی توفیق

یاد گذشته و صمیمیت آن روز گار افغانستان قدیم بخیر.


Artisan & Fox

A number of our homewares are now available for pre-order online, including our popular HERATI Glasses ✨

The HERATI glasses are fired by artisan Ghulam in his workshop in Herat, Afghanistan. Every day he fires glasses in a mud-brick furnace before laying them out to cool in the grass. The bright colours are derived from the quartz of local riverbeds and an indigenous desert bush.


The Afghan Rug Shop

They liked the Istalif bowl so much they bought a matching rug! Another happy online customer 👍🏼⁣

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Visit Afghanistan: Wild & Beautiful

This is Afghanistan.


Wild and beautiful.

📷 Karimi - Thank you.


کفتر های کابل

خداوند مهربان است،
كابل جمع و جوش خواهد شد .
لطف كرونا را جدى بگيريد ..!



ZAWIA Media Showreel 2020!
Music by: Khumaariyan

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/pyYiRSpnX44


RTA Sport

اشتراک کننده‌گان لیگ ملی بزکشی و آرزوی قهرمان شدن در این لیگ ...!

مسابقات لیگ ملی بزکشی سر از چهارشنبه هفته روان آغاز خواهد شد.
۱۴ تیم از ۱۴ ولایت کشور در این مسابقات اشتراک کرده‌اند و از آمادگی‌های شان در این مسابقات می‌گویند.
#RTASport #RTABuzkashiLeague

mnn.com 15/03/2020

A new national park in Afghanistan offers hope for wildlife and people

mnn.com Local communities played a key role in the creation of Bamyan Plateau Protected Area, a large new national park in Afghanistan.


آمریت گردشگری بدخشان - Tourism of Badakhshan

بزکشی زمستانی، شهرستان یاوان بدخشان!

عکس از برگه‌یی: جناب تایب



My backpacking journey through Afghanistan's rugged Wakhan Corridor. Two weeks in country, 10 days trekking through the Pamir Mountains. It was a wild trip! ...


اندیشکده اقتصاد و سیاست

This is my Afghanistan country
Explore Afghanistan with us

این افغانستان من است!!!


The Afghanistan We Are Proud Of

Afghanistan unseen
Your Tour guide around Afghanistan

The Best Places to Visit in Afghanistan



Your Tour Adventure Around Afghanistan.

we provide all form of logistics services from private hire mini-cab (including armored and non armored Toyota vehicles ), we also provide Hotel accommodation and bespoke tour package for trips to many of the unique and historical place in Afghanistan .

Your A - Z For Logistics & Tours Need .



Qala Fatullah Street #4
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