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پاکستان به طیاره های مسافر بری که از هند به افغانستان می آیند و از افغانستان به هند می روند از طریق حریم هوایی اش اجازه عبور را نمی دهد.
Where are you based and whats the job in Dubai you want me to book through you.

Easiest Way Tourism is our another office in Dubai,UAE/ you can find more info in our Website www.easiestwaytourism.com Today’s travelers require a host who is able to cater to their desires with careful planning and attention to the details.

Management has become the key to enjoyable and successful visit

Operating as usual


خبرنامه اداره هوانوردی ملکی در رابطه به تعلیق پروازهای افغانستان - هند


#یک_خلاقیت_جدید از شرکت توریستی و‌سیاحتی ( راه آسان ) با داشتن ۲۰ فیصد تخفیف در تمام سیکتور های ترکیش ایرلاین

شرکت توریستی و‌سیاحتی ( رآه آسان )
این بار پروازهای کابل خود را با تمام سیکتور های ترکیش ایرلاین در سراسر جهان با عرضه ۲۰ فیصد تخفیف برای شما عزیزانٍ
فریخته پیشنهاد میکند.

بخش فروشات موبائیل، وتساپ/ وایبر:
0093 ( 0 ) 795551655
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ایمل :[email protected]
بخش شکایات: 780920902( 0 ) 0093
آدرس: شهرنو، چهار راهی انصاری، کابل افغانستان
!!!!!!!! لطفا با دوستان تان شریک سازید!!!!!!!!!!

[01/20/18]   Dear All
UAE One month visa price 310 $ get visa within 4 days
UAE 3 Month visa price 630 $ get visa within 4 days


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[01/22/17]   We are happy to announce that Dubai visa are open now



DXB KBL 130 $

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Up for new adventures? In 2017 you can make a new start: Be brave, curious & open and surprise yourself with new experiences.

Travel more, party more, live more!

No matter what your plans are, Easy Way Travels & Tours takes you to your destination in a comfortable, flexible and easy way. What are you waiting for? Get yourself ready for your next adventure!

[05/15/16]   UAE visa is available With Guarantee:

1.Need passport copy.

2.Need English translated Tazkera.

3.Need Confirmed Page of Passport in which written name+father name.

and will take 6 days of working days there is no charges for rejection (there will be charges only if applied from other company or black listed customer)
0093 (0) 799231108







+93 (0) 799231108
+93 (0) 772127011
+93 (0) 795551655

Skype ID : easywaytravel_afg


New Offer From EASY WAY TRAVEL BY Emirates

KBL-DXB -----> 165 $

KBL-DXB-KBL-----> 330 $





Add: Ansari sq . opposite of afghan sport

Contact : +93 (0) 799231108
+93 (0) 772127011


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Beautiful view of Khaje Rawash airport


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Add: Ansari sq . opposite of afghan sport .

[01/06/14]   New Offer From EASY WAY TRAVEL By Kam Air



[01/06/14]   Dear friends and costumers,
Kindly please contact us on below cell phone numbers for more info and price of our facility.

Regards EWTT team



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Today is 11/12/13, the last date this century with three consecutive numbers

This is the tale of Ron Gordon, the American science teacher whose life mission has been to make the world take notice of arithmetically appealing dates
Wednesday 11 December 2013 07.02 GMT 91 comments

Wednesday 11 December 2013 is special. Photograph: Alamy
Alex Bellos

It all started with the price of hotdogs.
In 1978 baseball fan Ron Gordon, incensed that hotdogs at the San Francisco Giants baseball stadium went up a nickel, started a campaign to have their price reduced. His fight was successful and attracted national press coverage.
Later, in September 1981, Ron was writing a cheque and he noticed the date 9/9/81 was approaching. He decided to call it "square root day", since 9 x 9 = 81, and called up all the reporters who had written about his hotdog battle.
Square root day was a hit! The Wall Street Journal wrote about it and it featured on NBC's Today show.
"Then I had to sit on my hands for 23 years before celebrating the next one," said Ron.

Ron decided that 1/1/01 was too boring to celebrate. Also the first day of the millennium didn't need any other reason to be memorable. But shortly before 2/2/04 he again got in touch with journalists … and found to his delight and relief that the appetite for stories about an arithmetically interesting date was as strong as ever.
Since then he has been a one-man publicity machine for many other dates:
The "odd days":
The "ones upon a days":
and today:

Ron now has a database of about 10,000 journalists, colleges and interested parties around the world whom he bombards with emails in the weeks before a significant day.
He is one of the most effective amateur publicists in science journalism since each date gets coverage, often in the world's most well-known newspapers, websites and broadcast outlets. The Washington Post, The Guardian, the Telegraph and the Daily Mail have all run stories thanks to his incessant appeals.
Ron, now 68, says he does it because he says it makes people smile. "It's cute. Once I know people like it, I have to tell more people," he said. "It's a compulsion, but a good compulsion.
"If I could push a button and send [a reminder about the dates] to the entire world, I would be delighted."
Ron has picked up tricks along the way. When one journalist asked him "What's the big deal?" he came up with an idea for awarding a cash prize to the person who thinks up the best way to celebrate a particular date.
The prize for today is $1,112.13.
He says he gets entries from all over the world.
Ron's passion for fun dates may be eccentric, but he is obviously striking a chord. There is something charming about a date that stands out as a piece of arithmetic.
Humans like seeing patterns in randomness since it gives the illusion of control. A date that is a numerical pattern gives us a pleasing sense of control over the passing of time.
And Ron, as it turns out, was ahead of the curve. Newspapers have reported that it has become increasingly popular for couples to plan weddings around a mathematically satisfying date. In the US, where 11/12/13 means November 12, a surge of couples chose the day, even though it fell on a Tuesday.
(Ron usually gets two bites of the cherry – one for US calendar style, and one for European).
The next time the digits for day/month/year will be consecutive numbers are 1/2/03, in 90 years' time, although a date like 1/2/34 will appeal to some.
Ron is already planning for the next square root day, 4/4/16, in only just over two years' time.
After that he is breathless for "trumpet day", on 2/2/22.
Toot toot!


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Colour of the Allah (j)


خاک عرفات را،
آب زمزم را،
کوه حرا را،
جرات ابراهیم را،
طاقت اسماعیل را،
و وصال معشوق را،
صاحب کعبه نصیبتان کند.
عید قربان مبارک، التماس دعا


General data about visa obligations and different types of visas in the UAE has been listed below. although, the visa guidelines are subject to change and thus, should be verified with the travel agency or closest UAE embassy or consulate or your airline before travel.
people from 33 nations recorded herein do not need visas former to appearance at the UAE airport. Nationals from GCC nations do not need a visa to visit the UAE. They only need to make their GCC homeland passport at the application issue in UAE. However, persons going into the UAE for employment, will require a visa which could be got through their boss or sponsor. The kind of visa required for application into the UAE is reliant on several components such as nationality, reason of travel, duration of stay etc. A penalty ascribe of Dh.100 per day is enforced on tourists who overstay.
Visa on arrival granted to following categories:
AGCC Residents: are inhabitants who are not GCC nationals, but contain high professional rank such as Company Managers, Accountants, Auditors, enterprise People, Engineers, medical practitioners, Pharmacists or workers working in public part, their families, drivers and personal employees sponsored by them, are eligible for non-renewable 30-day visa on arrival at accepted ports of application. nationwide people of the following nations: UK(with the right of abode in UK), France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Spain, Monaco, Vatican, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, joined States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and holders of Hong Kong SAR identification will be allocated a free of ascribe visa for a lone visit upon arrival in the UAE. It should be documented that this register is subject to change from time to time and it is thus best to check with localized UAE embassy or the airline utilised for travel to UAE.

Visa not required for:
AGCC people: Citizens of Arab Gulf Co-operation assembly constituent states, encompassing Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman do not require a visa. tourists, who do not drop into any of the said categories, will require a visa and a sponsor for their visit. The sponsor usually concerns for the visa on behalf of the visitor. Valid Sponsors: inn and Tourism businesses can apply for visas on behalf of the tourist for a Tourist Visa with 30 days legitimateity, or a Service Visa legitimate for 14 days or a Visit Visa legitimate for 30 days which could be expanded by another 30 days. Airlines and Airline Handlers are suitable to apply on behalf of their crew constituents for a 96-hour Transit Visa. Even other organizations founded in the UAE may can request for Visit Visas and Service Visas. persons (friends or relatives), who are already residents in the UAE, subject to guidelines, can also apply on your behalf for a Visit Visa.
application Service allow:
An application Service allow is applicable to the following classes and their families, such as business Manager’s representatives, Account Auditors, Sales Managers, delegations from businesses or establishments to convey out commercial activity in the UAE, consultants searched by the UAE businesses to present certain urgent tasks. The visa will have to be utilised within 14 days from designated day of topic, as it is non-renewable. This kind of application allow will be issued only for pressing purposes, and the holder may enter and depart the UAE through any airport. The application Service Permit Visa can furthermore be availed by nationalities authorized to obtain a tourist visa, as per the conclusion by the Ministerial Council.
Visa consignment service to aerodrome:
Visit visas and entry permits obtained by sponsors for visitors to UAE should be commonly delivered smallest three hours in advance to the aerodrome before the appearance of the visitor. tourists will have to gaze for a DNATA or DNRD visa consignment contradict at the Dubai worldwide aerodrome or beside the appearances locality.
Short Term Visa Types:
Other visit visas all of which need a deposit of Dh.1000 encompass:
Student Visit Visa
The scholar should be registered at the UAE University (for short-term techniques) and should already hold a residence visa (for long-term course). It can be improved twice for Dh.500.
Conference/Exhibition Visa
Is valid for 30 days for Dh.100 and is non-renewable
Medical Visit Visa
Is renewable for 90 days for Dh.500 and charges Dh.1000.
house Visa
For most if not all of Dubai house buys, these parts were hovering. Inquire with the befitting government administration in Dubai with the expert developer. Do not however take the word of the house developer or the real land parcel agency.
shareholder Visa
For Expats who invest a smallest of Dh.70,000 share capital under a enterprise joint venture with a UAE national. This visa has a 3-year validity with a visa fee of Dh.300.
operation Visa
There are a twosome of types of mission visas in Dubai and UAE locality. A 90-day visa (be very cautious, that’s not inevitably three months) is called a mission visa and it is for the express reason of permitting expats to be engaged there for short time; it is also for probationary employees. The sponsoring business concerns for it at the department of work. It may be multi-entry and/or renewable. A visa for exceptional mission application is good for 16 days and is mentioned to as a Dubai transit visa (do not bewilder this with the transit visa that is good for 96 hours). It is good only for lone application and cannot be improved.
Parent Visa:

UAE inhabitants can sponsor parents for a time span of one year, which could be improved under exceptional consent from the FNRD. A refundable deposit of Dh.5000 (per parent) and visa fee of Dh.100 will be charged.


Travel is like a sweet dream


به آرامی آغاز به مردن مي كنی
اگر سفر نكنی،
اگر كتابی نخوانی،
اگر به اصوات زندگی گوش ندهی،
اگر از خودت قدردانی نكنی.
به آرامی آغاز به مردن مي كنی
زماني كه خودباوري را در خودت بكشی،
وقتي نگذاري ديگران به تو كمك كنند.
به آرامي آغاز به مردن مي كنی
اگر برده ی عادات خود شوی،
اگر هميشه از يك راه تكراری بروی ...
اگر روزمرّگی را تغيير ندهی
اگر رنگ های متفاوت به تن نكنی،
يا اگر با افراد ناشناس صحبت نكنی.
تو به آرامی آغاز به مردن مي كنی
اگر از شور و حرارت،
از احساسات سركش،
و از چيزهايی كه چشمانت را به درخشش وامی دارند،
و ضربان قلبت را تندتر مي كنند،
دوری كنی . . .
تو به آرامی آغاز به مردن مي كنی
اگر هنگامی كه با شغلت،يا عشقت شاد نيستی، آن را عوض نكنی،
اگر برای مطمئن در نامطمئن خطر نكنی،
اگر ورای روياها نروی،
اگر به خودت اجازه ندهی
كه حداقل يك بار در تمام زندگي ات
ورای مصلحت انديشی بروی . . .
امروز زندگی را آغاز كن!
امروز مخاطره كن!
امروز كاری كن!
نگذار كه به آرامی بميري
شادی را فراموش نکن

•سروده پابلو نرودا
• برگردان احمد شاملو


امضای موافقتنامه خدمات هوایی با امارات متحده

داکتر زلمی رسول وزیر امور خارجه، یک موافقتنامه پیرامون خدمات هوایی با همتای اماراتی اش شیخ عبدالله در حاشیه شصت و هشتمین مجمع عمومی ملل متحد در نیویورک به امضاء رسانید.
به گزارش وزارت امور خارجه، هر دو وزیر امور خارجه، بر اهمیت ترانسپورت هوایی به عنوان وسیله ی ایجاد و رشد دوستی، درک و همکاری میان مردم هر دو کشور تاکید نموده و علاقمند توسعه فرصت های ترانسپورت هوایی بین المللی شدند.
این موافقتنامه برای شرکت های هوایی هر دو کشور این فرصت را مساعد می سازد تا طیاره های آن ها در قلمروهای یکدیگر، بدون نشست پرواز کرده و در قلمرو یکدیگر برای مقاصد غیر ترافیکی توقف کنند و مسافرین، کارگو و وسایل مسافرین را به قلمرو یکدیگر انتقال دهند.
مطابق این موافقتنامه هر دو کشور حق دارند تا از خطوط هوایی، میادین هوایی و تسهیلات دیگر بدون کدام تبعیض استفاده کنند.
پروازهای منظم و روزانه شرکت های هوایی افغانستانی و اماراتی از قبل نیز میان افغانستان و امارات متحده وجود داشته است. اخیراً خطوط هوایی امارات اعلان نمود که پروازهای بین المللی خود را در ماه دسامبر به میدان هوایی بین المللی کابل آغاز خواهد کرد.

[09/26/13]   We cant do business all the time ,take a rest guys .
Come on ...Give me some like




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Ansari Sq,Opposite Of Kabul City Center North Gate , Office #4

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 19:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 19:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 19:00
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