Stoke Snow

Stoke Snow

Join Stoke Travel as we take to the mountains for a season of snow slopes and schnapps

All inclusive snow adventures: - Ski pass included - Ski hire included (Snowboard only 5€ a day) - Transportation - 2 hearty breakfasts and dinner included - Accommodation - full time guide

Misión: To enjoy as much powder as humanly possible!

Coming to the end of the season and we are sick of the cold! What better way to warm up and celebrate the arrival of spring by having fireworks explode in our faces and burning giant statues to the ground.

That's right its Las Fallas time again where we head down to Valencia and party with the Spaniards by burning things to the ground.

Join our Stoke bus leaving from Barcelona this Thursday to Valencia For the Las Fallas Festival.

Stoke Travel

Let Stoke Travel help you achieve your goals in 2015. Have you got your Stoke passport yet?

The naked mile, stunning powder, rainbows (we were not tripping i swear) 
pre-gaming, games drenched in alcohol and a fucking good time

The naked mile, stunning powder, rainbows (we were not tripping i swear)
pre-gaming, games drenched in alcohol and a f**king good time

That's right. Andorra is a TAX-FREE city! So we won't just drink the schnapps over there, you can also fill up that that suitcase for your way home!

Reason to travel to Andorra with us # No 32: You can sing all the songs from frozen without being ashamed while drinking icecold Jäger!

We''ll definitely be acing the apres-ski from 23-25 of January, but Andorra is way too awesome to plan just one trip so send us an email at [email protected] so you don't miss out on the fun!

Snow by day, Schnapps by night.. Will you be taking down the shots and slopes with us this year?

Looks like it is almost time to hop on the bus and misbehave ourselves in Andorra!
Get ready for some serious schnapps at night and sick snow during the day!

Keep posted about or trips online or email to [email protected] so you won't miss out on all the fun we are about to have!

Stoke Snow

Stoke Snow

This is it... It's finally here!!

Snowboxx Tomorrow at 10am, get the Baileys Ready we're coming to party.

4 tickets left, if you still want to come message [email protected]

We have the last few tickets so get yours with us!
205€ all inclusive and 15€ for music festival ticket!
But if you book before 12AM, get yours 10% off !

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Stoke Barcelona

Anyone ready to get off their box at Snowboxx festival next month with Stoke...? Andorra is the best snow you'll get just outside of Barcelona and what better weekend to go then when there is an awesome Electronic Music Festival going on!

Limited tickets for the festival available so book early to avoid missing out!

Andorra Snow

Anyone up for freezing their nipples off or getting blue balls in the snow with us this weekend...? We're off to Andorra again this Friday and the weather is looking perfect for a bit of nudity in the snow!

Book within the next 24hrs and get a half price trip to either Sitges carnival or Springfest...

Bare all for us and we'll also give you a special Stoke goodie bag!

Book now Fast FactsPrice DetailsWhat Is It?LocationHow To Get Here?FAQMapsItineraryFast FactsSkiing and boarding only two hours from Barcelona.Where: Andorra, a country between Spain and France. We will ski in Vallnort: 60km ski area spread over 42 tracks: 7 green, 15 blue, 16 red and 4 blackWhen: Every week...

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Stoke Travel

Of course when we do snow, we do it sexily.

Our DNA is on the beaches, bikinis are as a part of our lives as Hawaiian pizzas, afternoon naps and cheap red wine - we cannot live without them.

So now that we're in Austria for the winter, well, we ain't about to start giving up our DNA, y'know?

Are you going to join us this winter? Become a part of the Stoke Travel legend? Create a story that people will talk about for years to come?

Dive on in, the water's cold, but it just makes snuggling afterwards that much better!

Stoke Travel

What? You thought that Stoke's incursion into the Austrian Alps was going to be all Matterhorn and yodelling and fighting mountain goats and skiing moguls and drinking carbonated energy drinks?

Don't be silly! We'll be getting as loose as ever. We've worked out this work/play balance, which explained in layperson's terms is: snowboard all day, party all night, then repeat. Substitute snowboarding for skiing, if you like, and if in doubt that you'll be able to back up a night's partying with another day's slopeside activities we refer you to this sentiment: suck it up, prince(ss).

Join us, it'll be one hell of a whale of a hoot of a blast of a good old time.

Winter’s on our doorstep and we need to keep eyeing up the new hang out spot, the new place to rest our hat, where we can proceed our regular antics without being disheartened at how the sun doesn’t love us as much as she used to.
Why not throw yourself down the alps with us this winter, sink more schnapps than you can strudel and down Jäger until you’re the meister of the mountain (or until you try and swim your way out of a drunken state).
Give us a yodel at:

Stoke Hostel, Ellmau

It’s white and wet and a guaranteed good time! Stoke's new snow headquarters all set to go this season! 110€ all inclusive winter wonderland accommodation with 2 meals a day, power hour of booze, snow pass, pre-party, party party, post party and morning after party. Hurry up and book now, you know you want to

Stoke Hostel, Ellmau

Stoke Snow's cover photo

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